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15.46 driver lets developers accelerate computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on Intel Graphics.
By Coppock, Michael J (Intel) Posted on 07/11/17 0
With the release of Intel graphics driver 15.46, developers can accelerate computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on Intel GPUs.  Supported on Intel graphics spanning Intel® Atom®, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors, this enables AI and CV usages in markets from PCs...
New OpenCL extensions added to 15.46 drivers
By Coppock, Michael J (Intel) Posted on 07/11/17 0
New OpenCL Extensions The following new extensions for leveraging the media processing capabilities in Intel Processor Graphics have been add to our 15.46 driver releases: cl_intel_device_side_avc_motion_estimation extension to support AVC VME built-in functions callable from OpenCL kernels giv...
Claim Your Elite Status as an Intel® IoT Innovator
By GRACE METRI (Intel) Posted on 07/11/17 0
Apply Your IoT Skills and Passion to Nurture Your Developer Community Help Nurture the IoT Community in This Invitation-only Program If you’re a world-class software developer who wants to play a leadership role in the emerging Internet of Things, Intel would like to talk to you. The IoT tra...
MeshCommander - Firmware Web Application
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 07/11/17 0
A quick post to say that I just uploaded a new YouTube video on how to compile MeshCommander for use as a firmware web application for Intel AMT 11 and above. Starting with Intel AMT 11, you can now upload a web application into the firmware that will replace the built-in index.htm page. This ...
Developing for Visual Retail using Intel® Active Management Technology Webinar
By Carman, Vicky (Intel) Posted on 07/11/17 0
Join us July 27 from 9-10 am PST to learn about how Intel® Active Management Technology enables a system’s remote manageability to save time and money.
Intel® XDK Update for July 2017 - Mobile App Build Service is Closed
By Joe W. (Intel) Posted on 07/10/17 0
As we said in March in this blog, and have been talking about on the user forums for some time now, we are closing the Intel® XDK's Build Service as of today, July 10, 2017.  The Intel XDK will continue to remain on the web allowing you to edit and simulate your mobile apps.  However, it is no lo...
The More the Merrier – Building Virtual Platforms for Integration
By Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Posted on 07/10/17 0
Integration. A word to scare children with?  Maybe not, but it definitely is one of the hardest parts of system engineering and building. When different pieces of hardware, firmware, and software are combined to build a complete system, all kinds of “fun” issues can arise. The classic way to bu...
Face It - Week 6 Update
By Pallab P. Posted on 07/06/17 0
Face It is a mobile application that detects a person's facial structure as well as information about the person’s lifestyle and current trends, and utilizing that data, recommends the user a hair/beard style. For this Early Innovation Project, our goal is to have the user scan his face to det...
Brain Development Simulation, 300x Faster
By Andrey Vladimirov Posted on 07/06/17 0
All human beings start their life as a single cell. As this cell divides, daughter cells can move and produce substances. These processes guide future generations of cells into differentiation and tissue formation. Out come the beating heart, the restless legs, the dextrous hands, and the inqui...
Big Datasets from Small Experiments
By Andrey Vladimirov Posted on 07/06/17 0
Modern experiments produce lots of data. Abundant data is not exclusive to the "big gun" institutions, such as observatories and particle colliders. It is also the norm in modest-size labs working on anything from genomics to microscopy. Even outside of science you don't need to go far to find ...