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VMware Offers Cloud and Enterprise Data Center Solutions Better Performance, Security and TCO on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
By TJA (Intel) Posted on 08/28/17 0
Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors represent our company’s biggest server platform update in the past decade. Now, cloud and enterprise solution developers can take advantage of the platform’s innovative features through VMware’s vSphere* suite of virtualization products and vSAN* software for hy...
DeepMask Installation Problems and Solutions (3)
By Abu Bakr Posted on 08/28/17 0
These are some of the problems that I encountered while installing and training a DeepMask model. 1. module coco not found Install the lua coco package by following the steps mentioned below: Clone coco repository: git clone Under coco/ run the following comm...
What's New in Intel® Media SDK 2017 R2.1 for Embedded Linux*
By Liu, Mark (Intel) Posted on 08/25/17 6
Smart Encoding for Excellent Visual Quality Intel just released the next version of Intel® Media SDK 2017 R2.1 for Embedded Linux*. It delivers new features where developers can improve visual quality and stability of media and video workflows running on Intel® platforms.  The Intel Media SDK i...
DeepMask Installation and Annotation Format for Satellite Imagery Project (2)
By Abu Bakr Posted on 08/25/17 0
When we look at satellite images of refugee camps, we can easily distinguish between shelters and other different objects. If we want to do analysis on the basis of this information, it becomes a really laborious task due to the presence of hundreds of different objects and thus results in a cons...
Deep learning for fast simulation: Introduction
By Elena O. Posted on 08/25/17 0
Hello everyone! Let me tell you more about my project. I started working on my project in the beginning of July. My main task was to create a Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) model to simulate the passage of a particle through matter. Why GANs? I’ll explain it later. Since I've never hear...
Getting to Small Batches in Hardware Design using Simulation
By Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Posted on 08/24/17 0
In the previous part of this two-part blog, I discussed the general principle of doing work in small batches, the great benefits that it brings, and how the principle can be applied outside the traditional software development domain. In this part, I will discuss some more concrete examples abo...
Track Reconstruction with Deep Learning at the CERN CMS Experiment
By Antonio Carta Posted on 08/24/17 0
This blog post is part of a series that describes my summer school project at CERN openlab. In the first post we introduced the problem of track reconstruction and the track seeds filtering. Today we are going to discuss the model architecture and the results. Understanding the data Our dataset...
By admin Posted on 08/23/17 0
作者: Evelyn Yan 2017年,英特尔公司将一如既往支持教育部实施产学合作协同育人项目,包括教学内容和课程体系改革,创新联合基金,师资培训,实践条件建设,校外实践基地,以及创新创业教育改革六个类别。其中,后四类为定向合作,而教学内容和课程体系改革(分为系统能力建设专项及前沿技术专项两个分项)面向全国高等学校电子信息类、计算机科学类、软件科学类等理工类教师开放申报;创新联合基金面向全国高等学校电子信息类、计算机科学类、软件科学类等理工类本科及硕士研究生开放申报。 项目的具体描述和申报指南如下: 1 教学内容和课程体系改革项目-系统能力建设专项 1.1  建设背景 为贯彻...
Out of the Box Network Developers Newsletter – August 2017
By Sujata T. (Intel) Posted on 08/23/17 0
Get links to July meetup and devlab video from Out-of-the-Box Networking Developers, find out about upcoming meetups and events, and read new articles and tutorials on Intel Developer Zone.
Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks August 2017
By Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Posted on 08/23/17 0
Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just five can be difficult! Since, it’s August, and here in the United States summer vacation will be ending soon...