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在Microsoft Surface Book 上安装并运行 SteamVR
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 09/11/17 0
没错!我最终入手了一套 HTC* Vive 虚拟现实系统。然后得到一条坏消息。我的 PC 无法满足虚拟现实的最低要求。我最好的系统是 Microsoft* Surface Book 酷睿 i7(键盘底座上配备 NVIDIA* GPU),仍不符合要求。 我并没有变得非常沮丧,相反我认为支持的最低规格和实际运行的要求可能有差别。因此,我进行了一翻尝试。  令人欣慰的是,确实可行! 我的 Surface Book 支持虚拟现实,我可以使用专为 Vive 设计的许多虚拟现实应用,包括 TiltBrush*。这样的体验对我而言非常奇妙,我不用对着崭新的 Vive 幻想虚拟现实应用。但是,Su...
The Fab Five: Game Developer Content | September
By Carman, Vicky (Intel) Posted on 09/11/17 0
The future of VR holograms, a fabulous medieval game, and one very strange American dream round out our offerings for this month.
Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | September
By Carman, Vicky (Intel) Posted on 09/11/17 0
Find out who won the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest. Plus we discover vectorization in games as well as profiling TensorFlow* workflows.
Pre-Processing GeoTIFF files and training DeepMask/SharpMask model
By Abu Bakr Posted on 09/08/17 0
For this project, UNOSAT is responsible for providing us with satellite images. At first, we will be using GeoTIFF files of Muna refugee camps, Nigeria. You can find the map analyzed by the UN on this link. Other than these images we were also provided with shapefile and geodatabase files. We ca...
MeshCentral2 - Cupcakes Update
By Ylian S. (Intel) Posted on 09/07/17 0
Quick note to say that lots more updates and fixes are going on with MeshCentral2. Updates are coming pretty much every day. Yesterday, I added server self-update capability. You can now update the server with just a few clicks on the web site (if you are administrator). Hopefully, we are getti...
Cells in the Cloud: Distributed Runtime Prototype Implementation
By Konstantinos Kanellis Posted on 09/07/17 0
Hello, everyone! In the previous part of this blog post series, we presented the nature of the simulations performed by the BioDynaMo project. Moreover, we observed how our desired requirements and constraints for the distributed runtime affected the design of the architecture and defined the cho...
Global IoT DevFest Returns – Bigger & Better
By GRACE METRI (Intel) Posted on 09/06/17 0
Submit Papers & Register for Online Talks by ~100 Industry Experts Over 32 Hours of Developer Training and Mentoring   If you benefited from the first IoT online forum in June sponsored by Intel and WiththeBest, there’s good news – Global IoT DevFest II picks up Nov. 7-8 with more of what y...
Develop and Test SAP HANA-based Applications on an Intel NUC Mini-PC
By Tim Allen. (Intel) Posted on 09/06/17 0
SAP is well-known as the originator of “enterprise resource planning” (ERP), the business process automation software that manages back office functions through a system of integrated applications. Another game-changing innovation from the enterprise software leader is the SAP* HANA* in-memory ...
AI Calorie Counter: A Machine Learning App by Intel® Student Ambassador Pallab Paul
By Pallab P. Posted on 09/05/17 0
Over the summer, I was given an opportunity through the Intel® Student Ambassador Program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work on an Early Innovation Project called Face It which is a mobile application that uses machine learning to help a user decide on what hairstyle to choose. Using the kn...
Winners of the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest
By Coppock, Michael J (Intel) Posted on 09/01/17 0
It was another great year for the Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest. We had a record number of submissions from around the world. It was tough taking the hundreds of exciting games and narrowing it down to the 25 finalists. From these finalists, we narrowed it down to the top games in variou...