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Unity Configuration Tips: Memory, Audio, and Textures
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel) Posted on 05/11/15 2
Tips and Tricks on memory optimization and working with textures and was compiled by Steve Hughes who works as an Applications Engineer for Visual Computing at Intel. Tips include textures, design tips, mesh modeling, audio, and memory optimization.
The United Nations @ the Intel IoT Roadshow in Berlin
By Dirk Roziers (Intel) Posted on 05/11/15 0
What’s your nationality & what’s your native language? Yes … native language, not …your software language of choice. If you think that asking for your software language of choice should be much more relevant for me than asking for your native language, then you’re absolutely right. However...
See you at the 2015 Power of Play!
By Mitchell Lum (Intel) Posted on 05/08/15 0
  I’m always excited about how we can help game developers succeed.  Last year when Luke Burtis from Tiny Build asked if Intel would be the sponsor for the Seattle Independent Games Competition (SIGC)at Power of Play, I was eager to say yes.  I was really happy about the quality of the games i...
MeshCentral - Vacations
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 05/08/15 0
It's been a while since I blogged but I have been on sabbatical for a few weeks now and traveling in Quebec and Europe. In the last weeks before I left on vacation there was a lot of work to get various projects up and running. I then left for Montreal to visit family and I am now touring Franc...
Intel® RealSense™ Challenge – Here Are The Winners!
By Wendy Boswell (Intel) Posted on 05/07/15 0
Intel® RealSense™ technology makes it possible for our digital worlds to interact with our physical, organic worlds in meaningful ways. Many of the projects that developers are creating step across boundaries that just a few years ago would have been impossible to imagine. The Intel® RealSense™ ...
Top 10 Intel® Software Developer Stories | Skateboarding with IoT, 3D Scanning, Cube Rotation with Unity*, and More
By Karissa Pagliero (Intel) Posted on 05/06/15 1
Intel® Developer Zone experts, innovators, and Black Belts contribute hundreds of helpful articles and blog posts every month. From code samples to how-to guides, we’ve gathered the most popular software developer stories so you don’t miss a thing.   1. Intel®  RealSense™ 3D scanning: How to Sc...
Data sharing between programming environments on Intel® Edison
By Raghavendra Ural (Intel) Posted on 05/05/15 0
There are many situations where we want to use multiple programming environments to to develop our IoT applications, for example, We prefer to do image processing using OpenCV* in C++ than doing it on NodeJS or Arduino. Mainly because, there are lot of examples on OpenCV written in C++. Let's s...
Coding in your browser: Using the Codebox* IDE with your Intel® Edison
By WAI LUN POON (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 0
There are multiple ways to write code for the Intel® Edison (Arduino* IDE, vi, emacs, SFTP, Intel® XDK, etc.), here's how you can do it from your browser! Codebox* is an open source web-based IDE that you can install on your Intel® Edison. Once it's set up, you can simply point to the Intel® Edi...
First Rule of Programming Club
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 1
No, it is not "You do not talk about Programming Club." That would be silly. If we didn't talk about it, who would join?
Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 0
We had a fantastic time at the Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015! The teams representing their university game development programs were highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly enthusiastic. The venue was electric! The event featured student teams from 10 universities with top-...
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When Threading Building Blocks Attack!
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 07/28/11 9
 This week (25-29 JUL 2011) I'm lecturing at the UPCRC UIUC Summer School on Multicore Programming. I like teaching parallel programming and I live near the UIUC campus, so it's convenient for me. Overall I have a good time and often learn some things from the students. As an example, I found the...
Building Intel WiDi Applications for Ultrabook
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Posted on 10/02/12 9
If you are developing apps targeting the Windows 8/Ultrabook platform you may be interested in learning more about how to integrate the Intel WiDi technology into your apps.  First, let me point out that the SDK/drivers have not yet been updated on the Intel download sites for support of Ultraboo...
Landing at AppUp
By Randall Arnold Posted on 02/21/11 9
Thanks to Intel's Bob Duffy I've been granted a spot here to share thoughts and experiences. I'd like to start off with a self-introduction. My name is Randall (Randy) Arnold, known on the internet as Texrat. I have about twenty years software development experience, mostly with Visual Basic but ...
Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples Blog-Post 1: Introduction
By philip-taylor (Intel) Posted on 02/09/11 9
Hi, I am Phil Taylor. As I join a new team and start a new gig at Intel, its time to introduce myself and start a new blog. I am now working on the team producing gaming and graphics samples in the Visual Computing Software Division. While there have been gaming and graphics samples shipped in t...
One Way to Build Threading Building Blocks on Windows
By Kevin Farnham Posted on 08/02/07 9
Yesterday I successfully built and tested Threading Building Blocks on my AMD Athlon 64 X2 system, running Gentoo Linux. I had switched to that machine after having some problems with building TBB on my Intel quad-core processor machine (which is running Windows XP). I had experimented with both ...
Software Occlusion Culling Update
By Charumathi Chandrasekaran (Intel) Posted on 03/22/13 9
This update consists of new features and optimizations which have reduced the total Software Occlusion Culling time and the total frame time by a factor of 4X and 2X respectively.
Supercomputing '07: Computer Environment and Evolution
By Arch D. Robison (Intel) Posted on 11/17/07 9
I'm back from Supercomputing '07. Gone is the heyday of wacky hyper-dimensional topologies and strange new architectures like the Connection Machine. Clusters built from commodity parts have become the ubiquitous denizens of the High Performance Computing (HPC) ecological niche. The Precambrian e...
Announcing Intel Concurrent Collections for Haskell 0.1
By Ryan Newton (Intel) Posted on 05/27/10 9
Hello Parallel Programmers! Whether you're a functional programmer or not you've probably noticed an increasing number of FP-related concepts circulating in this Age of Parallelism: immutability, implicit parallelism, dataflow, and so on. These ideas seem to be getting around and in fact are aliv...
Intel® Threading Building Blocks Version 3.0 Update 4 showcases its first Community Preview feature: Concurrent Priority Queue
By Terry Wilmarth (Intel) Posted on 12/02/10 9
The Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) 3.0 Update 4 release introduces a new concept: the Community Preview feature, which gives users of Intel TBB an early look at features targeted for future release and provides the Intel TBB development team with valuable feedback. In addition to ...
Getting started on Android for x86: Step-by-step guide on setting up Android 2.2/2.3 for X86 testing environment in Oracle Virtualbox
By Tao Wang (Intel) Posted on 10/11/11 9
Background With Google and Intel announcing collaboration on Android for X86 Intel Architecture last month on Intel IDF, it is official that the door is open for Android to, besides ARM, support Intel CPU family. As the only open source virtual software solution under the terms of the GNU GPL v2,...

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