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Top 10 Intel® Software Developer Stories | Skateboarding with IoT, 3D Scanning, Cube Rotation with Unity*, and More
By Karissa Pagliero (Intel) Posted on 05/06/15 1
Intel® Developer Zone experts, innovators, and Black Belts contribute hundreds of helpful articles and blog posts every month. From code samples to how-to guides, we’ve gathered the most popular software developer stories so you don’t miss a thing.   1. Intel®  RealSense™ 3D scanning: How to Sc...
Data sharing between programming environments on Intel® Edison
By Raghavendra Ural (Intel) Posted on 05/05/15 0
There are many situations where we want to use multiple programming environments to to develop our IoT applications, for example, We prefer to do image processing using OpenCV* in C++ than doing it on NodeJS or Arduino. Mainly because, there are lot of examples on OpenCV written in C++. Let's s...
Coding in your browser: Using the Codebox* IDE with your Intel® Edison
By WAI LUN POON (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 0
There are multiple ways to write code for the Intel® Edison (Arduino* IDE, vi, emacs, SFTP, Intel® XDK, etc.), here's how you can do it from your browser! Codebox* is an open source web-based IDE that you can install on your Intel® Edison. Once it's set up, you can simply point to the Intel® Edi...
First Rule of Programming Club
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 1
No, it is not "You do not talk about Programming Club." That would be silly. If we didn't talk about it, who would join?
Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015
By Randi Rost (Intel) Posted on 05/04/15 0
We had a fantastic time at the Intel® University Games Showcase at GDC 2015! The teams representing their university game development programs were highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly enthusiastic. The venue was electric! The event featured student teams from 10 universities with top-...
Rapid Makers
By Asaf Shelly Posted on 05/03/15 0
For some while I keep finding around me things related to Makers, Quadcopters, and algorithms. At first I thought that it is just by chance... That IoT is nice, and Makers are having fun, and algorithms are just another way of saying parallel programming and so on... Apparently there is something... releases experimental support for the Intel® Edison
By WAI LUN POON (Intel) Posted on 05/01/15 0
Managing a fleet of IoT devices and deploying code is no easy task. changes the workflow by leveraging Git and Docker technology! How It Works When you have new code for your end devices, all you need to do is simply perform a "git push". builds your code into a Docker contain...
Restudy SchemaRDD in SparkSQL
By Hao C. (Intel) Posted on 05/01/15 0
At the very beginning, SchemaRDD was just designed as an attempt to make life easier for developers in their daily routines of code debugging and unit testing on SparkSQL core module. The idea can boil down to describing the data structures inside RDD using a formal description similar to the relational database schema. On top of all basic functions provided by common RDD APIs, SchemaRDD also provides some straightforward relational query interface functions that are realized through SparkSQL. After several releases and updates, SchemaRDD successfully drew attention among developers in Spark community. Now, it is officially renamed to “DataFrame” API on Spark’s latest trunk. This article starts with background of SchemaRDD, and then analyzes its design principles and application characteristics. Finally, it gives a brief review of SchemaRDD’s history, and makes a general discussion on its application prospects in Spark’s future development trends.
Node.js Workshop At Vulcan Inc
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 04/30/15 0
We received an invite to join employees of Vulcan Inc here in Seattle to spend an afternoon running an Intel Edison workshop focusing on LIBMRAA, Node.js and Johnny-Five. 17 total developers showed up and posted 5 unique Instructables projects! Here are a few highlights from social media: Here ...
Intel Hack N' Tell @ SoDo MakerSpace Seattle
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 04/30/15 0
Another busy day in the IoT community here in Seattle! Intel staged a "Come back" event follow up from our previous Seattle IoT Hackathon earlier in the year to see what great projects developers continued building with their Intel Edison boards and IoT DevKits. Here are a few highlights from soc...
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Let the Ultimate Coder: Ultrabook Challenge Begin!
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 08/07/12 9
The Ultimate Coder: Ultrabook™ Challenge, has officially kicked off, where six developers compete head to head to code apps for next generation Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor technology. Each week, they’ll post their progress while four industry expert bloggers weigh in and e...
Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples Blog-Post 1: Introduction
By philip-taylor (Intel) Posted on 02/09/11 9
Hi, I am Phil Taylor. As I join a new team and start a new gig at Intel, its time to introduce myself and start a new blog. I am now working on the team producing gaming and graphics samples in the Visual Computing Software Division. While there have been gaming and graphics samples shipped in t...
It was thirty years ago today
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 10/02/08 8
Today is my thirtieth anniversary of working for Intel, but that includes my years at DEC and Compaq.  As an actual Intel employee, it's a bit over seven years.  Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reminisce. I imagine most of you will find this boring; if so, feel free to go re...
Intel® Decimal Floating-Point Math Library
By Marius Cornea (Intel) Posted on 03/06/08 8
Decimal floating-point operations were a necessity from the beginnings of the modern age of computing. However, the lack of a good standard for decimal computations has led to the existence of numerous proprietary software packages for decimal or decimal-like computation, most based on fixed-poin...
Now Available: Android SDK x86 System Image with Google APIs
By Josh Bancroft (Intel) Posted on 03/06/14 8
If you've used the Android SDK, you've probably noticed that Intel Atom x86 system images for the emulator have been available for a while now. You might have been frustrated with the fact that the system image didn't include access to any of the Google APIs. I have good news: Google has released...
Do you have 5 minutes? Score an HTML5 Learning Kit
By kira-boyko (Intel) Posted on 10/05/11 8
Did you miss out on the HTML5 Learning Kits given out at Intel AppUpSM Elements? Here’s your opportunity to score your own kit: no traveling required! We want you to help influence Intel’s next generation mobile app development tools. Enable us to provide you with the most effective development t...
Emulation of new instructions
By Mark Charney (Intel) Posted on 08/11/08 8
Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first blog posting. My name is Mark Charney and I work at Intel in Hudson, Massachusetts. Intel has just made available some software that I've been working on for emulation of new instructions: Intel® Software Development Emulator, or Intel® SDE for short...
(update) C-states, C-states and even more C-states
By Taylor K. (Intel) Posted on 03/27/08 8
As I said before, a C-state is an idle state. The processor isn't doing anything useful, so why not shut some things off? Think of it in terms of your house. If you're not at home, why keep the lights, radio, and those 6 televisions going? Modern processors have several different C-states represe...
Dissecting STREAM benchmark with Intel® Performance Counter Monitor
By Roman Dementiev (Intel) Posted on 11/23/10 8
Intel® Performance Counter Monitor (Intel® PCM) is an API and a set of tools that should help developers to understand how their applications utilize the underlying compute platform. In this blog I will explain how to instrument the well-known STREAM benchmark with library functions of Intel® PCM...
Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College - ALPHA
By Edward Thang Posted on 06/17/13 8
The IUEE hackathon continues, & the students almost all have their apps in alpha.  They worked together very hard to get their apps to this point.  They used online resources to learn what they need & asked us facilitators when they got stuck.  Through their perseverance, they made apps t...

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