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NEW Graphics Driver posted for Haswell and Broadwell.
By Michael Coppock (Intel) Posted on 06/02/15 0
See the Release Notes for additional details. The has been posted to Intel Download Center at the following direct links to the drivers: 64 bit driver: 32 bit driver:
How to Survive a Hackathon
By AGATHA G. Posted on 06/02/15 0
How to prepare for and survive a hackathon Hackathons are exciting, yet daunting; challenging, yet fun. They’re an environment where like-minded people come together to creatively solve problems while meeting new people and learning new tricks. Whether it’s your first or tenth hackathon, ther...
Intel® RealSense™ Navigation Library Sample Code
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel) Posted on 06/01/15 0
If you've used the Food Network* hands free navigation provided by the Intel® RealSense™ Experience for Web Browsers you've seen how easy no-touch navigation can be added. Intel has now published the Intel® RealSense™ Navigation Library to make it easy to control web applications via gestures a...
JuliaCon 2015 coming up
By Arch D. Robison (Intel) Posted on 05/31/15 0
The conference for the Julia programming language happens June 24-27 in Boston.
Grove Starter Kit with Intel Galileo Gen 2 – Getting Started
By Pooja Baraskar Posted on 05/29/15 4
When I started with IoT I was all confused about electronics stuffs, resistors and circuits, then I got Seeed Studio’s Grove Starter Kit plus. With this we have to just plug the sensor modules instead of managing it through soldering or breadboard. So let us see how easily we can get started with...
Intel® Developer Zone at Microsoft Build 2015
By Russ Beutler (Intel) Posted on 05/28/15 0
Thousands of software developers visited the Intel® Software booth at the sold-out Microsoft Build conference April 29th – May 1st in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Developers engaged with Intel SW developer tools experts, Intel® RealSense™ technology, Intel® Iris™ Graphics, Intel® Iris™ Pro gra...
Meshcentral - Back from Sabbatical
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 05/28/15 0
It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral announcement for good raison, I was on sabbatical. So far this year it’s been an amazing time for Meshcentral and the Mesh team. In the last few weeks, I have been very lucky in being able to tour Quebec, France and Italy like I have never done it be...
Ubuntu 15.04 Provides Openstack Kilo Preinstalled for Easier Deployments on ONP Servers
By Thomas K. (Intel) Posted on 05/26/15 0
The folks here at Intel see me as a bit of an Ubuntu fanboy.  For the most part, I spend a lot of time in the lab working on the ONP Server using CentOS.   For me, it is less about being an Ubuntu fan and more about using a platform that is easier choice for Openstack developers.    I recently ha...
How to profile MPI processes on all nodes?
By Peter Wang (Intel) Posted on 05/26/15 1
VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2015 can analyze MPI processes combined in hybrid codes in cluster system. It means that VTune Amplifier runs parallel MPI program on N ranks to collect performance data, then identify which hot function on which rank consumed highest CPU time. First at all, need to set to...
Why you should be developing for the Internet of Things
By AGATHA G. Posted on 05/25/15 0
If you thought the invention of the World Wide Web resulted in massive business and societal change, you haven’t seen anything yet! The Internet of Things has been described as the evolution of the Internet, and it has the potential to drastically transform lives and industries. Until now, only ...
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It's here! The Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 10/27/11 13
Okay, so it's not something that I would promote as "New & Improved"  with big splashy TV commercials, like some laundry detergent or kids' sugary drink. I would be more likely to skip the trumpets and play a fanfare on a kazoo instead. Even so, I'm excited to announce that the Intel Guide f...
Is your memory management multi-core ready?
By Roman Dementiev (Intel) Posted on 08/21/09 13
Recently I have got a workload that could not scale beyond a few cores. This particular application is using one thread per user, so theoretically, if one has an 8-core machine then 8 concurrent users should fully utilize the machine giving 8x speedup compared to a sequential run. It did not happ...
Doctor Fortran in "Too Much of a Good Thing?"
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 01/23/09 13
A lot of Fortran programmers take the "belt and suspenders" approach to coding, with explicit declarations of every attribute they want for a symbol.  In general, this is good practice, especially when combined with IMPLICIT NONE to force you to say what you mean.  But some programmers take this ...
C-states and P-states are very different
By Taylor K. (Intel) Posted on 01/01/15 13
C-states are idle states and P-states are operational states. This difference, though obvious once you know, can be initially confusing. With the exception of C0, where the CPU is active and busy doing something, a C-state is an idle state. Since an idle CPU isn't doing anything (i.e. any usefu...
Sun + Intel + OpenSolaris + 2 Years = The Year of Core
By David Stewart (Intel) Posted on 01/22/09 12
Today is the second anniversary of the Sun and Intel joint agreement to optimize the Solaris operating system for Intel Xeon processors. Like last year, when I wrote this summary of our work, I decided to recap where we are to date. Like last year’s edition, this is pretty much off the top of my ...
Intel® OpenCL SDK – Alpha update now available
By Arnon Peleg (Intel) Posted on 02/10/11 12
Intel continues to demonstrate its commitment to parallel computing tools and standards support with the recent announcement of an update to the Intel® OpenCL SDK alpha version on This update release brings full coverage of the OpenCL™ 1.1 standard to the Intel® Core™ processor...
Transactional Synchronization in Haswell
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 02/07/12 12
We have released details of Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) for the future multicore processor code-named “Haswell”. The updated specification (Intel® Architecture Instruction Set Extensions Programming Reference) can be downloaded. In this blog, I’ll introduce Intel TSX and...
Why is Intel providing the Intel® XDK for free?
By Kevin J. Smith (Intel) Posted on 03/25/14 11
The world of computing has expanded beyond desktop and servers to include phones and tablets and is still evolving to wearables and the Internet of Things. Besides new form factors, there are now multiple operating systems on multiple architectures, new channels for selling and distributing software, and more ways to monetize your efforts.
Doctor Fortran Gets Explicit - Again!
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 01/05/12 11
Nearly 11 years ago (!) I wrote an item for the Visual Fortran Newsletter on explicit interfaces in Fortran. In recent weeks, I have had to refer quite a few customers to this article, suggesting that many Fortran programmers don't understand the role and rules of explicit interfaces. However, wh...
Who should be writing the software to enable Intel AMT
By JOSEPH E. (Intel) Posted on 09/18/07 11
Unlike other technologies that we produce here at Intel, AMT requires a complex ecosystem for it to provide full value to IT shops. One of the questions we keep coming up against is who should be building what in that ecosystem. We are looking to supply a platform with the belife that everybody u...

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