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Intel IoT Developer Kit v1.5 UPM Release Notes
By admin Posted on 07/01/15 0
Here are the release notes for the Intel IoT Developer Kit v1.5 UPM: v0.3.1 Updated index pages for API documentation and cross-linked them More images were added for Grove, Adafruit and Sparkfun sensors along with licensing information Applied a set of patches to improve code robustness Add...
Empathizing with Teachers and Learners Leads to the Read With Me App
By Roger Chandler (Intel) Posted on 07/01/15 0
Teaching is tough work. In one design thinking project that I mentioned in a previous blog post, empathy for teachers and students led to development of the Read With Me app (available now on Chrome and select Android devices) co-developed with Clarity Innovations. At the beginning of the proj...
Building Cross-OS Mobile Applications with Intel® INDE
By Harsh Jain (Intel) Posted on 07/01/15 0
If you want to get started and build cross-OS mobile applications with video processing, transcode, special effects etc features into your applications, the best place to start is with Media for Mobile which is part of INDE suite. Why? because it available for download with INDE starter (free) ed...
Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.5
By admin Posted on 06/30/15 0
We are very proud to announce the release of Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.5. The software components are available now for immediate download on the Software Downloads page (as of July 1, 2015). The new release offers a number of enhancements, bug fixes and improved usability including: Updated ...
Jeff's Notebook: Frustrating Task - Setting up the Android* development environment
By Jeff Kataoka (Intel) Posted on 06/30/15 0
Talking to developers at one of the recent developer events, it was mentioned several times that one of the frustrating tasks that a developer experiences when first developing an Android app is setting up the Android development environment on a host machine whether on a Windows PC or a Mac.  Th...
Building Android* Middleware Libraries for x86 Devices Using the Android NDK
By MICHAEL R. (Intel) Posted on 06/26/15 0
There are many middleware libraries out there that developers are using to build great Android apps.  The app may have been released some time ago in the Google* Play store and the library may have only supported arm devices at that time.  Did you know you could reach a larger audience for your a...
NEW Intel® Iris™, Iris™ Pro, and HD Graphics Driver update posted for Haswell and Broadwell version
By Michael Coppock (Intel) Posted on 06/26/15 0
Please see the release notes and excerpt below for details. The has been posted to Intel Download Center at the following direct links to the drivers: 32bit - 64 bit -
AMFS: Adaptive Multi-Frequency Shading for Future Graphics Processors
By Michael Coppock (Intel) Posted on 06/26/15 0
Researched and written by Petrik Clarberg1, Robert Toth1, Jon Hasselgren1, Jim Nilsson1, Tomas Akenine-Möller1, 2Intel Corporation1, Lund University2 The researchers above propose a powerful hardware architecture for pixel shading, which enables flexible control of shading rates and automatic sh...
What is Intel® INDE? Why Should I Care?
By Seth S. (Intel) Posted on 06/26/15 0
Imagine yourself in a brain storming session with your colleagues.  You have an idea for the next hit mobile application.  You know what features you want to implement. You know your target user.  At this point your requirements are starting to become defined. But there is a problem: what platfo...
Global Droidcon Sponsorship Broadens Intel® Software Visibility
By Wendy Boswell (Intel) Posted on 06/25/15 0
 In 2014, we wrote about our success stories  at the Droidcons , the premier Android* conferences for software developers.  Intel is typically a key participant at the largest of these conferences, and continues to establish sound relationships with key software developers in the industry in orde...
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Why Windows Threads Are Better Than POSIX Threads
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 10/19/06 65
I've used both POSIX threads (Pthreads) and Windows threads APIs, and I believe that Windows has the better programming model of the two. While each threading method can create threads, destroy threads, and coordinate interactions between threads, the reason I make this claim is the simplicity of...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 RTM
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 10/27/12 44
Hi everyone, Windows 8 has just launched, so Intel just released the new WiDi software v3.5.40.0 to support Windows 8. Therefore, in order to enable WiDi officially on your Windows 8 device, follow the steps below: 1. Download the latest graphics driver for your Intel HD graphics from the followi...
Volatile: Almost Useless for Multi-Threaded Programming
By Arch D. Robison (Intel) Posted on 11/30/07 43
There is a widespread notion that the keyword volatile is good for multi-threaded programming. I've seen interfaces with volatile qualifiers justified as "it might be used for multi-threaded programming". I thought was useful until the last few weeks, when it finally dawned on me (or if you prefe...
Windows Server 2008 "Aero Enabled" Workstation Edition
By Posted on 02/12/08 41
Last week Dell shipped me a new Vostro 1700 notebook which I promptly upgraded from Windows Vista Business edition to Windows Server 2008. In this blog post I'll show you how to setup Windows Server 2008 in a Workstation configuration.Windows Server 2008 installed without an issue although I coul...
Traversing concurrent_hash_map concurrently
By Anton Malakhov (Intel) Posted on 05/14/10 32
People keep asking how to traverse tbb::concurrent_hash_map concurrently with other operations. But it wouldn’t be worth the blog if there was not any problem. The Reference clearly states that: Concurrent operations (count, find, insert, and erase) invalidate any existing iterators that point i...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 Consumer Preview
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 05/29/12 30
Chances are that if you have upgraded your Wireless Display (WiDi) capable laptop or tablet (with the specs mentioned here) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then you probably stopped being able to enjoy WiDi. The official support for WiDi on Windows 8 will come with the Intel WiDi so...
Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling
By Asaf Shelly Posted on 08/22/08 28
At the beginning of the computer era the system designers came from the world of hardware and it is noticeable. In hardware there are many working elements that can operate in parallel and most times at different rates of operation. This requires hi degree of accuracy in system timing. Chip desig...
Intel technologies game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces
By Shmuel Gershon (Intel) Posted on 02/27/09 26
So... Are you a skilled IT Manager? Or, did you ever wondered if you're fit to the job?Intel has released a new game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces. It is a promotional game, sure, but a very cool one. From the user guide: In IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces, you play the IT manager of a small company...
Knights Corner micro-architecture support
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 06/05/12 26
How does a high performance SMP on-a-chip sound to you?  I can now share, for the first time, key details about our vision for Knights Corner (the aforementioned high performance SMP on-a-chip), and our thinking behind the software architecture and features.   There is a lot to cover here so I’ll...
The Unity Multi Touch Source (finally)
By steve-hughes (Intel) Posted on 05/01/13 24
Hey Everybody Here is the source for the CPP and C# files needed to implement the Multi Touch Plugin DLL referred to in the previous post. Sorry it took so long to publish. Just download the zip and they're both there. I've also uploaded which is a very bad Unity app which uses the ...

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