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Let's Play a Game - find bugs in popular open-source projects
By Andrey Karpov Posted on 04/24/15 0
Test your C/C++ skills - find bugs in popular open-source projects.
2015 April Hardware Seeding Contest - Submit to win an Iris Pro Laptop!
By Mitchell Lum (Intel) Posted on 04/23/15 0
This month’s hardware seeding contest is for one of two (2) Cyberpower Zeus Hercules laptops.  It comes equipped with a 4th Gen Core i7 processor and Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics – our highest end processor for laptops.  It’s actually the same machine that I use on a daily basis.   Here’s how the ...
Making Games on a Cross Country Bicycle Trip
By Greg L. Posted on 04/23/15 0
(This is a guest post from 2013 Level Up Game Dev Contest winner Greg Lobanov.) In 2013, I won the grand prize in the Intel LevelUp Game Demo contest with my game, Perfection. The resulting relationship with Intel has been hugely beneficial to me as an indie game dev. That same year, Intel seede...
AWS IoT Hack Day with Intel Edison
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 04/23/15 0
This week I was invited to join AWS Solutions Architects and a group of 40 developers at the AWS Pop-up Loft in San Francisco. The goal? Show developers how AWS can be used to power the Internet of Things with Intel technologies (in this case, Intel Edison).   Using AWS feat...
Maker Movie and MakerSpace Tour in Phoenix
By Stewart Christie (Intel) Posted on 04/22/15 0
As part of Phoenix Urban Design Week 2015 activities I attended the local premiere of  "Makers" at Filmbar in downtown Phoenix.  Preceded by a short bike ride, and followed by a short discussion about the local maker community, this was a great way to meet some of the local makers. I can highly r...
The Last Line Effect
By Andrey Karpov Posted on 04/22/15 0
I have studied numbers of errors caused by using the Copy-Paste method and can assure you that programmers most often tend to make mistakes in the last fragment of a homogeneous code block. I have never seen this phenomenon described in books on programming, so I decided to write about it mysel...
Audit Log/Access Monitor in Intel AMT
By Lance Atencio (Intel) Posted on 04/20/15 2
Audit Log (also known as Access Monitor) is an feature introduced in AMT 4.0 that provides a place to record events and introduces a new type of user called Auditor. Key features of the Audit Log are: Auditor user type that cannot be removed or altered by the Administrator Policy based events ...
Null Pointer Dereferencing Causes Undefined Behavior
By Andrey Karpov Posted on 04/20/15 6
I have unintentionally raised a large debate recently concerning the question if it is legal in C/C++ to use the &P->m_foo expression with P being a null pointer. The programmers' community divided into two camps. The first claimed with confidence that it wasn't legal while the others were...
Use which hardware PMU events to calculate FLOPS on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) coprocessor?
By Peter Wang (Intel) Posted on 04/20/15 0
FLOPS means total floating point operations per second, which is used in High Performance Computing. In general, Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE only provides metric named Cycles Per Instruction (average CPI), that is to measure performance for general programs. In this article, I use matrix1.c a...
Intel AMT and Java
By Lance Atencio (Intel) Posted on 04/17/15 2
For all of you Java developers out there that have be searching for tools to help with your Intel® Active Management Technology solutions, your search is over. I’d like to introduce you to the Intel® WS-Management Java Client Library, available for download here. This download contains source co...
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Why Windows Threads Are Better Than POSIX Threads
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 10/19/06 65
I've used both POSIX threads (Pthreads) and Windows threads APIs, and I believe that Windows has the better programming model of the two. While each threading method can create threads, destroy threads, and coordinate interactions between threads, the reason I make this claim is the simplicity of...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 RTM
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 10/27/12 44
Hi everyone, Windows 8 has just launched, so Intel just released the new WiDi software v3.5.40.0 to support Windows 8. Therefore, in order to enable WiDi officially on your Windows 8 device, follow the steps below: 1. Download the latest graphics driver for your Intel HD graphics from the followi...
Volatile: Almost Useless for Multi-Threaded Programming
By Arch D. Robison (Intel) Posted on 11/30/07 43
There is a widespread notion that the keyword volatile is good for multi-threaded programming. I've seen interfaces with volatile qualifiers justified as "it might be used for multi-threaded programming". I thought was useful until the last few weeks, when it finally dawned on me (or if you prefe...
Windows Server 2008 "Aero Enabled" Workstation Edition
By Posted on 02/12/08 41
Last week Dell shipped me a new Vostro 1700 notebook which I promptly upgraded from Windows Vista Business edition to Windows Server 2008. In this blog post I'll show you how to setup Windows Server 2008 in a Workstation configuration.Windows Server 2008 installed without an issue although I coul...
Traversing concurrent_hash_map concurrently
By Anton Malakhov (Intel) Posted on 05/14/10 32
People keep asking how to traverse tbb::concurrent_hash_map concurrently with other operations. But it wouldn’t be worth the blog if there was not any problem. The Reference clearly states that: Concurrent operations (count, find, insert, and erase) invalidate any existing iterators that point i...
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 Consumer Preview
By rradi (Intel) Posted on 05/29/12 30
Chances are that if you have upgraded your Wireless Display (WiDi) capable laptop or tablet (with the specs mentioned here) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then you probably stopped being able to enjoy WiDi. The official support for WiDi on Windows 8 will come with the Intel WiDi so...
Flaws of Object Oriented Modeling
By Asaf Shelly Posted on 08/22/08 28
At the beginning of the computer era the system designers came from the world of hardware and it is noticeable. In hardware there are many working elements that can operate in parallel and most times at different rates of operation. This requires hi degree of accuracy in system timing. Chip desig...
Knights Corner micro-architecture support
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 06/05/12 26
How does a high performance SMP on-a-chip sound to you?  I can now share, for the first time, key details about our vision for Knights Corner (the aforementioned high performance SMP on-a-chip), and our thinking behind the software architecture and features.   There is a lot to cover here so I’ll...
Intel technologies game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces
By Shmuel Gershon (Intel) Posted on 02/27/09 26
So... Are you a skilled IT Manager? Or, did you ever wondered if you're fit to the job?Intel has released a new game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces. It is a promotional game, sure, but a very cool one. From the user guide: In IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces, you play the IT manager of a small company...
The Unity Multi Touch Source (finally)
By steve-hughes (Intel) Posted on 05/01/13 24
Hey Everybody Here is the source for the CPP and C# files needed to implement the Multi Touch Plugin DLL referred to in the previous post. Sorry it took so long to publish. Just download the zip and they're both there. I've also uploaded which is a very bad Unity app which uses the ...

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