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Intel's Cache Monitoring Technology: Use Models and Data
By Khang Nguyen (Intel) Posted on 12/11/14 1
Introduction Intel's Cache Monitoring Technology (CMT) feature was introduced  with the Intel® Xeon™ E5 2600 v3 product family in 2014. The CMT feature provides visibility into shared platform resource utilization (via L3 cache occupancy), which enables improve application profiling, better sche...
Intel’s Cache Monitoring Technology Software-Visible Interfaces
By Khang Nguyen (Intel) Posted on 12/11/14 0
Introduction Intel‘s Cache Monitoring Technology (CMT) feature was introduced with the Intel® Xeon™ E5 2600 v3 line of server processors in 2014. Initial blog posts here ( and here (
How To Mark Your 64-bit App On Google Play Store Using Version Codes For 64-bit ABIs For Android
By Tao Wang (Intel) Posted on 12/11/14 0
With Google's introduction of 64-bit ABIs for Android, we need to make some minor updates to Version Codes we use to publish and filter app on Google Play. The current suggestion make the 64-bit ABI 1 higher than the 32-bit code, making the 64-bit the preferred.   The ABI key is: 7 - x86_64,...
How to Publish Your Apps On Google Play For x86-based Android Devices Using Multiple APK Support
By Tao Wang (Intel) Posted on 12/11/14 0
Google Play has  added Multiple APK support for x86 CPU architecture. This  feature allows you to publish different APKs for your application that are each targeted to x86 CPU architecture. The APK is a complete and independent version of your application, but it shares the same application listi...
ODU Raises the Bar on Handling Water Levels
By Brad Hill (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 0
  In conjunction with the Chesapeake Conservancy and the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Old Dominion University’s Mitigation & Adaptation Research Institute (MARI) hosted a Code for Good hackathon under the White House’s Climate Data initiative.  The project here was to des...
Intel® IoT Roadshow: Recap from Sao Paulo
By Wendy Boswell (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 1
From Paris to Munich to Brooklyn to Bangalore to Mountain View to Moscow and Beijing, hundreds of developers and makers are getting together via  Intel® IoT Roadshows to create cool tech. As announced at IDF, Intel® is bringing ten IoT Roadshow events to developer communities across the United St...
Intel® IoT Roadshow: Recap from Beijing
By Wendy Boswell (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 0
From Paris to Munich to Brooklyn to Bangalore to Mountain View and Moscow, hundreds of developers and makers are getting together via  Intel® IoT Roadshows to create cool tech. As announced at IDF, Intel® is bringing ten IoT Roadshow events to developer communities across the United States, Europ...
Intel® IoT Hackathon: Transporation - PDX
By JOSEPH W. (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 0
Intel IoT Hackathon: Transportation – PDX In the world of IoT, the theme focused hackathon plays a vital role in innovation and entrepreneurship.  Over the weekend of December 5th – 7th  Portland ADX hosted the Intel® IoT Hackathon focused on transportation.   The purpose of this event was to...
Fine Tune Your 2 in 1 PC with Windows* RTS
By Tim Duncan (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 2
While researching an upcoming case study on Corel* Painter 2015,  I had the chance to see Microsoft* RTS in action and I liked the experience. I suggest those using a stylus today check out a 2 in 1 PC or maybe a Microsoft Surface* Pro 3.  Small, light and ready to go anywhere.   UPDATE 12/...
How to set up your Intel® Galileo Development Board #iot
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel) Posted on 12/10/14 0
Whether you are about to attend your first “Internet of Things” (IOT)  hackathon or you just want to "Make" something, you will  want to acquire an Intel Galileo Arduino development board.  Once you get your board, you will need to do some things before you can interact with it.   First things...
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Sweet 16?
By Clay Breshears (Intel) Posted on 02/06/12 4
I just saw the article "AMD calls end to core growth on server chips" at The gist of the article is that AMD has decided to produce server chips with no more than 16 cores. There were some interesting future directions outlined and hinted at by the end of the article, too. What see... - Advanced Intel(R) Galileo Usages
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel) Posted on 12/05/13 4
It’s time for another update on Meshcentral. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of interest in using the Mesh framework for Internet-of-Things usages. The Intel® Galileo board is Intel’s early entry in this space and today we are announcing the release of a new document and associated files ...
on Processors, Cores and Hardware threads
By James Reinders (Intel) Posted on 10/29/08 4
In discussing the ins and outs of parallel programming, we need to distinguish between the terms processor, processor core and hardware threads. It is easy to be imprecise and say 'processors' sometimes when we mean 'processor cores' - but with multicore processors being everywhere it seems that ...
Who Moved My Page?
By kathy-farrel (Intel) Posted on 12/14/09 4
I think of the Internet as one eternal bulletin board. People keep posting things out on the board and often just walk away - at least I hope they do so my links/bookmarks always work. Yeah - right! There will always be content that is moved or deleted (with the owner never leaving any info on wh...
Doctor Fortran in "The Future of Fortran"
By Steve Lionel (Intel) Posted on 03/27/15 4
In November 2014, I led a session at SC14 (the event formerly known as “Supercomputing”) titled “The Future of Fortran”. I invited representatives from other vendors and members of the Fortran standards committee to participate, and had some accept, but when it came time for the session, I was up...
HTML5! HUH! What is it good FOR! Absolutely...
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 09/06/11 4
Depending on your point of view that ends with either "nothing" or "everything" and there seems not to be much in between with regard to opinions on HTML5.  The camps seem to be forming.  While some believe HTML5 is the coming of the source-code messiah, others believe it's a lot of drummed up h...
Some hints on Yocto builds for IoT devkit - example: adding Java JRE
By matthias-hahn (Intel) Posted on 04/04/14 4
Recently someone asked me on more documentation about Yocto builds. In particular the person mentioned facing difficulties adding Java to an own IoT Yocto build. This conversation triggered the following post: Why you don't need Yocto builds on your own First of all: in order to work with the I...
Show 9 – Intel AppUp at IDF 2011
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 10/06/11 4
Bob Duffy & Monika Lischke go on location to the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Bob & Monika give us a recap of the opening keynote, interview some AppUp friends on the show floor, and get feedback from bloggers & black belt developers on their experience with the show.
Delusion of tbb::concurrent_vector’s size or 3 ways to traverse in parallel correctly
By Anton Malakhov (Intel) Posted on 04/09/09 4
Like in the previous post about concurrent_vector, I’d like to start from a sentence buried in the Reference Manual, which describes the size() method: “The result may include elements that are under construction by concurrent calls to any of the growth methods”. It means that you can not safel...
How to Create an Engaging Facebook Welcome Page for your Software Business
By Wendy Thomas Posted on 04/16/12 4
Everyone wants to make a good first impression, right? If you have a brick and mortar building for your business, you want visitors to feel welcomed as soon as they come through the door. The same is true for online landing and welcome pages – you want the individual to be attracted enough to sta...

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