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Giving PowerShell a Persistent History of Commands
By rradi (Intel)Posted 06/16/20140
  If you are disappointed that neither Command Prompt nor PowerShell on Windows have the ability to maintain a persistent command history the same way the Linux Terminal does by default, then this blog post is for you. If you would like to add this capability to the Command Prompt, then the eas...
Installing Intel® INDE
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel)Posted 06/16/20140
Download, register, and install the Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) toolset.
A deep dive into Intel RealSense SDK future in terms of HTML5 and JS
By Abhishek 81Posted 06/16/20140
As Intel RealSense SDK is evolving  this is what we can expect in the near future. My exposure to HTML 5 and JavaScript I started learning  HTML 5 and JavaScript a few months back and was wondering how it is so easy to implement for cross-platform apps. The opportunity is endless.Intel has alre...
My First Week At Intel
By Matt Richman (Intel)Posted 06/16/20140
I started my internship at Intel in the Software and Services Group last Monday, and, so far, I have nothing even vaguely negative to report. New employee orientation was actually very cool, and we had a great guest speaker. The one thing about Intel I’m still adjusting to is the use of the TLA ...
Registering an application with the Mashery API Network
By REX ST JOHN (Intel)Posted 06/14/20140
Abstract: This the second in a series of articles dicussing the creative possibilities of the Mashery API Network. In this article we will be walking through the process of registering an application with the ShareThis API APIs For Everything The Mashery API Network contains 40+ publicly availa...
Bluetooth on Intel® Galileo - file sharing with OBEX
By matthias-hahn (Intel)Posted 06/13/20140
In Bluetooth tethering on  Intel® Galileo I already showed some concepts using connmanctl and bluetoothctl. In this blog I'll focus on the Bluetooth OBject EXchange (OBEX) profile which has it's own command line tool obexctl coming with BlueZ 5. In order to utilize you need to run the obexd daemo...
Intel® tablets showcased on the History and Bio Channel feature, NewsWatch
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/13/20140
In March, two software partners were highlighted on a weekly History and Bio Channel NewsWatch segment, App Watch. App Watch, provides viewers with app reviews of the latest and hottest apps.  App Watch airs on more than 55 full-power broadcast stations and can be seen in virtually every market i...
Using Inspector with Python script which launches target application?
By Peter Wang (Intel)Posted 06/12/20140
Problem: When you want to use Inspector with python script which feeds data and executes your interest of C/C++ application, for example: file. (test_memory is the target application) import os os.system("./test_memory") Then run: # inspxe-cl -collect mi3 -executable-of-interest te...
Intel TXT reset: How to get the error code
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)Posted 06/12/20140
When an Intel(r) TXT reset occurs, an error value is written to physical memory location 0xFED30030. Here is what you can do to retrieve the error code: If your workstation has a UEFI shell, you can boot to the UEFI shell after the TXT reset and type “mem fed30030 4” at the shell prompt to dump ...
Looking at big data performance
By Eric Kaczmarek (Intel)Posted 06/12/20142
My very first Intel blog entry!! Exciting!!
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Intel Clear Video™ and H.264/AVC
By eric-sardella (Intel)Posted 03/15/200927
 As I mentioned in my last blog post, I've been working on getting H.264/AVC acceleration enabled.  This project was started by a post by one of the community members:/en-us/forums/developing-software-for-visual-computing/topic/60703/page/1/ Over the last month, "casimier666" and I have been addi...
All Sorts of Sorts
By Asaf ShellyPosted 04/27/200927
Hi all, As some of you may already know I am getting married May 11'th. Yes, yes, a very happy occasion. Doesn't leave time for anything... Well, there is enough for a blog post but not enough for writing code and doing some QA. I actually started with the Radix-Sort Challenge (Threading-Challeng...
Why Linux people lust after DTrace
By David Stewart (Intel)Posted 05/15/200727
Back in 2002, I was managing the team that worked with Oracle on the engineering side.  This was when they were transitioning from developing the database on Solaris to Linux, and we were helping them with this transition.  Of the various requests their devs made, one of the first was "when can w...
Intel technologies game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces
By Shmuel Gershon (Intel)Posted 02/27/200926
So... Are you a skilled IT Manager? Or, did you ever wondered if you're fit to the job?Intel has released a new game: IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces. It is a promotional game, sure, but a very cool one. From the user guide: In IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces, you play the IT manager of a small company w...
Knights Corner micro-architecture support
By James Reinders (Intel)Posted 06/05/201226
How does a high performance SMP on-a-chip sound to you?  I can now share, for the first time, key details about our vision for Knights Corner (the aforementioned high performance SMP on-a-chip), and our thinking behind the software architecture and features.   There is a lot to cover here so I’ll...
Where can you find a MID?
By Jeff Moriarty (Intel)Posted 10/22/200825
One of the most common questions I get about MID's isn't a technical one - it's simply "where can I get one?"  Here is at least a partial answer of where you can currently find Intel Atom processor-based MIDs. It's a tricky question, and even people inside Intel have a tough time keep track espec...
Rubbing my eyes - open source is allegedly the cause for malware?
By Dirk Hohndel (Intel)Posted 07/21/200625
Sometimes I wonder. Right now I am in Ottawa at the Ottawa Linux Symposium where more than 800 Linux and open source developers are coming together to discuss their latest ideas and to celebrate the success of open source (and let's just say, they know how to celebrate). Earlier this week I was h...
What me worry?
By Steve Pitzel (Intel)Posted 09/22/200625
Look. There are a couple cores on my chip. The way things seem to be going, there may be a whole bunch of them someday. Who knows, one day the stupid thing might be so lousy with them it looks like a fly's eyeball. Do I care? Should I? What sort of software application even needs to be multi-thre...
HDMI Audio Case Study: Denon AV Receivers
By Aaron Brezenski (Intel)Posted 05/12/200824
When The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The GoodI've already discussed the benefits to Intel Graphics and HDMI Audio in a previous post, and complained about the HDCP repeater mode bug (still unresolved as of graphics driver release 15.9.2) which forces people to use gray-market software if they want to...
Using a MacBook at Intel
By C.V. Vick [Intel Employee] (Intel)Posted 08/29/200623
Recently, I got a new dual core MacBook Pro to be my main computer at Intel. Here are some tips. In general, there are three ways to get your MacBook Pro on the Intel's corporate network: Windows XP using Boot Camp, Mac OsX, and Parallel's virtual machine. All three methods have been used at Inte...

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