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Every App is a Parallel App - by Michael Jeronimo
By Steve Pitzel (Intel)Posted 02/22/20070
Many years ago, at the beginning of the Internet boom in the mid 90s, Andy Grove said that every company is an Internet company. I believe he meant that a company couldn't just ignore the changes brought by the Internet, but would have to understand the implications for the business and adapt. Or...
We Need Better Michael Cassens
By Steve Pitzel (Intel)Posted 02/22/20070
I read an article today published in the Technology Review at MIT that focused on the multi-core processors and the hurdles that developers face when writing software to take advantage of multi-core processing. A survey in the article also correlated the lack of developer productivity because of ...
There is no end user demand for Linux? Guess again.
By Dirk Hohndel (Intel)Posted 02/20/20072
Dell recently added a customer feedback site on the web. The #1 request was not what people expected. At the time of this writing, the #1 request is for pre-installed Linux and multi-boot solutions.Interesting. Not necessarily representative (we all know how easy it is to cheat on polls on the we...
Loveocracy... now that's a word
By Bill Pearson (Intel)Posted 02/20/20071
One of my favorite blogs to read is Kathy Sierra's Creating Passionate Users.  The reason I read her blog is that she reminds me of what my primary focus needs to be - YOU!  She's a master at describing how to create passion in your customers.  She recently had an article about Loveocracy - The r...
What does Web 2.0 mean to you?
By Maryann Iannitti (Intel)Posted 02/20/20072
We have all heard the buzz word but what does it mean to you.  To me, it means instead of waiting for 6 hours for support feedback, I get my answer right away.  Instead of waiting for weeks or months for a new feature, it is a matter of weeks.  Instead of dropping off a roll of film or dumping a ...
Building a terminal compatible with Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 02/20/20077
One issue that was raised internally at Intel lately was the problems surrounding building a terminal that is compatible with Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN feature. I have seen two approaches:The first and most commonly used is to have the console application route all of the serial data to a local T...
AMD dips a toe into Second Life
By Josh Bancroft (Intel)Posted 02/16/20074
I saw this morning on my feeds that AMD has launched an island in Second Life, AMD Dev Center, as part of their "developer outreach" program. They've got an auditorium and display hall, and they're sponsoring a "treasure hunt" for developers, with a nice Dell computer as the prize. I haven't logg...
Memory and elephants are playing in the band
By Clay Breshears (Intel)Posted 02/15/20072
Ever since the official introduction of the Intel Teraflop chip with 80 cores (octaginta-core?), I've been wondering about how you keep all those cores fed with data. It's not such a trick to imagine what you can do with 80 cores or dream about new kinds of applications that could be brought to t...
So you've got a slick new UMPC. Now what are you going to do with it?
By clayne (Intel)Posted 02/15/20072
When I explain my job to people who ask me what I do, one of the most common phrases I use is: "People don't buy hardware for hardware's sake. They buy the hardware because of what software can make it do." Now I recognize that techno-geeks (like me) enjoy having the latest gadget just because it...
Open source impact on software M&A
By Dirk Hohndel (Intel)Posted 02/15/20071
Larry Augustin chaired a panel on "The Impact of Open Source on Software M&A" at the LinuxWord Open Solution Summit in New York. I thought this was a fascinating topic - open source has so fundamentally changed the software world and many (most?) software startups these days are at least par...
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The birth of a SOA “soft appliance”
By Joseph Natoli (Intel)Posted 08/05/20080
A few years ago, we were facing some challenging scalability and costs issues with a key aspect of our enterprise infrastructure. Like many companies we dove head first in the use of XML and web services as a means to refresh a major enterprise application using the latest design patterns of n-ti...
Interview with Professor Souqun Lu: Open Source Software Innovation in China (Meego, Android and beyond)
By Tao Wang (Intel)Posted 08/24/20110
Last month, China Computer World Magazine, IT168 (China top IT portal), Daily News of Communication Industry and China Software and Information Service Magazine, co-interviewed Professor Lu Shouqun on  open source software innovation status in China.  Professor Lu is chairman of China Open Source...
Making embedded demos is not pretty
By David Stewart (Intel)Posted 11/04/20100
Cross-posted from my blog on the Yocto Project website: There is an old saying that is quite reliable: "Those who love sausage and the law should see neither being made." I have a friend who once was involved in making what he called "hot pack" sausage. The description nearly turned me into a ve... - Now with Intel AMT certificate activation
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 08/20/20130
I just added certificate based Intel AMT cloud activation support (TLS-PKI) in that works behind NAT’s and HTTP proxies, uses a reusable USB key and makes use of Intel AMT one-time-password (OTP) for improved security. Ok, let’s back up a little. Computers with Intel AMT need t...
Riding AMTRAK with my ATOM
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 12/22/20090
I just completed a two day ride on AMTRAK from Portland, OR to St-Paul, MI. 36 hours total travel and right on time and it was fun. We eat in the diner car and had plenty of room and our own plugs for laptops. Perfect time to try my new Acer Aspire D250 on the train. Of course, I don't get to use...
Easing the Transition to Parallel Programming
By Lauren Dankiewicz (Intel)Posted 11/18/20100
During the first Intel Academic Community session at SC10, "Preparing for Extreme Parallel Environments-- Training and Education" there were fantastic and engaging audience discussions. The questions first centered on when and how parallel programming topics should be introduced. Most audience ...
Talk at Stockholm "Swedish Game Awards" May 20, 2011
By James Reinders (Intel)Posted 05/12/20110
I will give a talk at the Swedish Game Awards Developers Conference on Friday May 20.  You can learn more and register (free) at I will talk about exciting work Intel has been doing with game developers including how to take advantage of HD graphics in the latest In...
Mobile World Congress 2013: An Important Event for Developers
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 02/20/20130
What is MWC? We’ve seen unprecedented growth in the mobile ecosystem in the last few years. It’s expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology everywhere we look. From zero contact payments and augmented reality to embedded devices and connected c...
Visualize this! Character Animation in games using Emotion FX
By artigupta (Intel)Posted 06/04/20100
Welcome to another episode of Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. My guest is John van der Burg, Development Director at Mystic Game Development, John spoke about the challenges in character animation. Download Link - High Quality MP4 Video File (Large):.Show News : ...
Math flies like the wind
By Tom (wolfmurphy) MurphyPosted 09/14/20110
I was preparing a post on algorithmic patterns and how they aid the process of being able to solve computational problems using paallel techniques when I came across the iPod version of Math flyer. Math and Computer Science can be both impenetrable, incomprehensible, and kinda a drudge when you ...

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