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1400 Devs Journeyed to UCLA for LA Hacks Collegiate Hackathon
By CHESTON C. (Intel) Posted on 04/15/15 0
LA Hacks returned to UCLA last weekend. 1400 developers from the UC and Cal Poly universities, nearby state and city colleges, and out of state schools made the journey to Pauly Pavilion and competed in this 36-hour collegiate hackathon. Intel’s Steven Xing and I attended this event and provided ...
Great (Lyndsey) Scott, It’s Hack Holyoke 2015!
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 04/15/15 0
Hack Holyoke is a unique hackathon held at Mt. Holyoke College (a small,  women’s private college located in Western MA) which aims to achieve an (unprecedented) 1:1 ratio of women:men hackers. The purpose? Fix the leaky pipeline for women entering STEM professions by providing an open, friendly ...
HackUMASS 2015 Won’t Be The Last!
By REX ST JOHN (Intel) Posted on 04/15/15 0
This weekend I got to attend a very special event at my Alma Mater: UMASS, Amherst’s own HackUMASS! In it’s second year, HackUMASS scaled up its efforts massively, growing from 100 students to 500 students including a heap of east coast sponsors. Taking place in the brand new Berthiaume Cente...
SpaceApps NYC 2015 : A Truly Stellar Event!
By Wai Lun P. (Intel) Posted on 04/15/15 0
The International Space Apps Challenge is a technology development and problem solving event during which citizens from around the world collaborate to tackle challenges relevant to improving life on Earth and the exploration of space. Intel has participated in these events and has provided technical mentorship, as well as software/hardware sponsorship.
5 Myths Busted About Hackathons and The Maker Community
By GRACE METRI (Intel) Posted on 04/14/15 0
A few months ago, I decided to pursue a new career path. After spending years in graduate school specializing in energy-efficiency of mobile platforms and being a developer in the same field, I felt it was time for change. So, I joined the Internet of Things (IoT) Community Evangelism team at Int...
Intel® XDK Update for April 2015, and Apache* Cordova*
By jhwolf (Intel) Posted on 04/14/15 0
As you are probably aware, we did two updates in the past couple of weeks.  The March 30 update, build 1878, was a regular update to fix a number of open issues.  This one today, build 1912, is to address some regressions with that update.   Not what we had planned.  From all of us in the Intel® ...
Intel® AMT Time Keeping
By Lance Atencio (Intel) Posted on 04/14/15 2
The date/time used by Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) is maintained by a protected real time clock (PRTC) running within the Manageability Engine.  Clock Usage The clock is used for a variety of reasons in AMT including date/time checks required for TLS and Kerberos usage, timestamps ...
Intel GPA 2015 R1 - OpenGL splits from DirectX - and it's all free!
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel) Posted on 04/14/15 0
Which Intel software tool includes a new name, new features, and it's ALL available for FREE?    Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA) 2015 R1 - available at What was already a great analysis and optimization tool for Windows targets (including Intel® At...
2015 Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest – 1 month to go!
By Mitchell Lum (Intel) Posted on 04/13/15 0
Running the Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest is one of my favorite parts of my job. The Level Up contest is designed to encourage innovation in game development among student and indie devs. Contestants submit their not yet for sale games – they can be anything from playable proof of concepts to...
Working with Intel AMT and Linux
By Lance Atencio (Intel) Posted on 04/13/15 5
Working with Intel AMT and Linux is not as easy as working with AMT and Windows. It is mainly due to fewer resources being available for Linux. But before I go any further with this topic I must state that AMT itself is operating system (OS) agnostic. It runs in the chipset and doesn't really ca...
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The Unity Multi Touch Source (finally)
By steve-hughes (Intel) Posted on 05/01/13 24
Hey Everybody Here is the source for the CPP and C# files needed to implement the Multi Touch Plugin DLL referred to in the previous post. Sorry it took so long to publish. Just download the zip and they're both there. I've also uploaded which is a very bad Unity app which uses the ...
Intel and MeeGo
By gunjan-rawal (Intel) Posted on 02/11/11 22
Originally published by Suzy Ramirez here By now you’ve probably heard that today, Nokia announced a new relationship with Windows focused around handsets and Windows 7. While Nokia mentioned they will still participate in the MeeGo ecosystem and ship a MeeGo-based product this year, they outline...
Game Engines for Android*
By Nathan Totura (Intel) Posted on 09/18/13 22
With Android continually increasing in popularity it is always interesting to take a look at the latest collection of game engines available for the paltform. I am also further intersted in seeing which game engines include x86 support since the number of Intel x86 based mobile devices continue t...
Announcing Intel IoT Developer Kit
By Ajay Mungara (Intel) Posted on 09/08/14 21
I am pleased to announce the launch of Intel® IoT Developer Kit (beta) - a complete set of hardware and software resources for creating innovative IoT solutions.  IoT dev kit is part of a larger Intel IoT developer program targeted at hobbyists, students and entrepreneurial developers. In additio...
An example to show performance data for different implementations of Pi calculating
By Peter Wang (Intel) Posted on 01/22/09 20
Last time I posted the topic – "Compare Windows* threads, OpenMP*, Intel® Threading Building Blocks for parallel programming" </en-us/blogs/2008/12/16/compare-windows-threads-openmp-intel-threading-building-blocks-for-parallel-programming >, and listed their advantages and disadvantages.   ...
Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.0 is here
By Ajay Mungara (Intel) Posted on 02/20/15 20
The new Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.0 software components are available now for immediate download on the Software Downloads page (as of March 5, 2015). I am pleased to announce the release of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.0. A follow-on to the original beta release supporting Intel® Galileo a...
How I Set Up My Netbook to Dual Boot Win 7 & MeeGo
By Bob Duffy (Intel) Posted on 11/02/10 20
My Step By Step Process To A Dual Boot Netbook I'm not super awesome when it comes to mucking around with a BIOS or setting up a dev build. But since I know MeeGo is new, and many of you will be doing this, and like me probably have not set up a dual boot since the 1990's I thought I'd give it a...
Let us talk about HECI and LMS
By admin Posted on 01/24/07 20
Host Embedded Controller Interface (HECI ) driver is a software interface that is used to communicate to the AMT subsystem (Management Engine) to access AMT capabilities. Communication between the local host operating system (OS) and the ME is accomplished by means of the HECI driver. HECI is bi-...
How to integrate Intel AppUp™ SDK and create RPM package for MeeGo* applications
By Dmitry Rizshkov Posted on 03/30/11 20
In this article I will show you how to prepare your MeeGo* app to be validated in the Intel AppUpSM Center. This article is based on the project from my another article Modern mobile applications with Qt* and QML. No changes will be made in the project source code. Thanks to Qt*, our Windows* app...
Go Parallel
By Dmitry Vyukov Posted on 06/18/13 20
This is a first post in a series of posts about parallel programming with Go language. What is Go? You may ask. Go is a language with the cutest mascot ever: As you may see, it also supports parallel programming: as well as concurrent programming: I am sure you are already excited by the langu...

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