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Improving File IO performance on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors
By Rajesh Sudarsan (Intel)Posted 03/05/20140
Authors: Ravi Murty and Rajesh Sudarsan   Introduction   The importance of file IO in HPC applications is well known. Large HPC applications read their inputs from files and write their outputs to files throughout the lifetime of their execution. In some instances the output of an application... - New Dashboard
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 03/03/20140
As more people add devices to Meshcentral or their own instance of the Mesh server, it’s increasingly important to be able to search, filter and visualize large numbers of devices. Today, Matt Primrose with help from Chris Piper are happy to announce the new Meshcentral Dashboard, an amazingly ...
Interview with Pixowl Co-Founder Sebastien Borget
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 03/03/20140
Co-Founder and COO Sebastien Borget of Pixowl graciously gave us a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk about current projects they are working on along with his thoughts on the mobile development landscape. Pixowl has one app submitted in the Share Your App Project, Greedy Grub, and is a...
OEM Systems supporting Intel AMT 9.x and Intel SBA
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)Posted 02/28/20140
  Overview In 2013, Intel launched the 4th Generation Intel(r) Core Processors, previously code-named Haswell. The following tables identify which OEM (Haswell) systems that support Intel vPro Technology supporting Intel AMT and Intel SBA (Small Business Advantage.) For more infor...
Intel AMT IDE-R issue with UEFI
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)Posted 02/27/20140
There are two issues that may be encountered when trying to perform an IDE-R Boot on UEFI systems depending on the disk image being booted. The first is Secure Boot and the second is UEFI boot mode. Secure Boot is a UEFI feature that enforces signature checks as components are loaded during boot...
How Intel® AVX Improves Performance on Server Application
By Thai Le (Intel)Posted 02/27/20140
The latest Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family includes a feature called  Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX), which can potentially improve application performance.   Here we will explain the context, and provide an example of how using Intel® AVX improved performance for a commonly k...
Notes from Mobile World Congress 2014: Hackathons, IoT, and Amazing Tech
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 02/26/20141
Mobile World Congress is a can’t-miss yearly destination; this is where developers and anyone interested in the latest mobile technologies have the unique opportunity to interact with Intel experts, learn more about the newest mobile technologies, and discover how developers are utilizing Intel t... - VMware vSphere ESXi support
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 02/26/20140
Meshcentral is already a powerful and portable cloud management solution and today, Rick Edgecombe is broadening support with the release of Meshcentral for VMware® vSphere ESXi 5.5 Hypervisor. You can now install the Mesh agent right into the ESXi hypervisor and control your servers from the c...
The Chronicles of Phi - part 1 The Hyper-Thread Phalanx
By jimdempseyatthecovePosted 02/26/20140
The term phalanx is derived from a military formation used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The formation generally involved soldiers lining up shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield multiple rows deep. The formation would advance in unison becoming “an irresistible force.” I use the term Hyper-...
Developing a C# Plugin for The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager
By javierandrescaceresalvis@hotmail.comPosted 02/25/20140
This article shows some simple steps to develop a C# plugin to be launched by The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager (PSM) framework application. Bear in mind that PSM includes several preconfigured plugins which cover common usage scenarios, so plugin development is recommended only for cust...
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Turbo Disaster, or When failure was Not an option... - A Success Story of some software integration
By Sergey KostrovPosted 10/05/201318
Hello everybody, My name is Sergey Kostrov. I'm an Intel Black Belt Software Developer and am Not an-Intel employee. I'd like to share my experience ( a <strong>Success Story</strong> ) on how some very complex software integration was done a couple of years ago on the <strong>S...
What is so Hard About Parallel Programming?
By Clay Breshears (Intel)Posted 09/17/200818
I've seen it again.  One more claim that "Parallel programming is hard" and then the claimant launching into some complex and convoluted solution to make parallel programming easier.  (Matt Wolfe has some interesting observations in this regard.) How hard is it to do/learn parallel programming?Di...
New Tizen™ platform from Linux Foundation & LiMo with support from Intel AppUp
By Bob Duffy (Intel)Posted 09/27/201118
We are excited about the Linux Foundation & LiMo announcement of the Tizen™ platform, and the role AppUp will be playing. Tizen combines the best of LiMo & MeeGo to create an open source cross device platform with support from Intel AppUp developer program, and a development framework bas...
Microsoft MVP Award
By doug.holland@intel.comPosted 04/01/200918
I just learned today that I have been awarded a Microsoft MVP award for 2009 which, like the Intel Black Belt Developer award, recognizes those who contribute to the developer communities both online and offline. I am honored to be recognized as a Microsoft MVP and an Intel Black Belt Developer ...
Moblin Beta and VirtualBox
By David Stewart (Intel)Posted 05/20/200918
Yesterday I installed Moblin version 2 Beta on my Asus eeePC 901, a netbook with a little Atom processor in it. It's been fun to walk it around with me yesterday and today showing people the future of our work here. I thought it would be kind of cool to try it out in a virtual machine on my Core ...
Perceptual Computing Challenge
By joel-de-guzman (Intel)Posted 11/13/201218
At the 2012 Fall Intel(R) Developer Forum,   we announced a new way of computing using natural interfaces, which we named Perceptual Computing. The Beta version of the Perceptual Computing SDK was released which can be downloaded for free.     The current version requires the use of a peripheral ...
How Mobile technologies changed the way I game
By Matt Ployhar (Intel)Posted 02/18/200917
From about 1995 to 2005 I was pretty much all about the fastest Desktop I could afford to build to satisfy my gaming habit. Faster Processors, bigger power supplies, bigger fans, some overclocking here and there, you name it. I had roughly four to seven gaming systems between work and home at any...
Calling all web app developers…we’ve got something for you!
By Rhonda Peters (Intel)Posted 04/11/201117
The Intel AppUp℠ developer program is excited to announce a new opportunity for web app developers to transform web apps into Intel AppUp℠ center apps. This opportunity, called Intel AppUp™ encapsulator, allows web app developers to expand their customer base and revenue potential by making an a...
Is Intel Active Management Technology (Intel&#174; AMT) really a snooping technology?
By ajay-mungara (Intel)Posted 10/19/200617
I happen to come across this article talking about the potential risk with Intel® AMT technology. The article goes on to say "But what if it were hacked? Or what if they hacked it?" And get access to the data stored on the non-volatile memory. ...
What is your netbooks application wish-list?
By AMANDA M. (Intel)Posted 01/30/200917
Calling all netbooks users. What applications do you wish you had for your netbooks? Netbooks are gaining more traction in multiple geographies and are designed to provide consumers and professionals with a great mobile experience. They're not however optimal if you need to create new, rich conte...

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