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Intel® vPro™ platforms are loaded with features and technologies to deliver best-in-class security protection. Whether it's applying advanced encryption or remotely disabling a stolen/lost PC, systems equipped with Intel® vPro™ technology are designed to keep your data safe.

Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI)

An encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government, AES is widely used across the software ecosystem to protect network traffic, personal data, and corporate IT infrastructure. Intel AES-NI was designed to implement some of the complex and performance-intensive steps of the AES algorithm using hardware and thus accelerating the execution of the algorithms.

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Digital Random Number Generator

Intel® Secure Key is a new Intel® 64 architecture instruction, RdRand, and its underlying Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) hardware implementation. It provides a processor-based RNG solution that is of high quality and performance, readily available, and secure.

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User Manual for the RdRand Library (Linux* and Mac OS X* Version) ›

User Manual for the RdRand Library (Windows* Version) ›

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Intel® Identity Protection Technology

Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) is meant to augment security features that allow for user identification and encryption by adding a hardware layer of protection. Intel IPT combined with PKI acts as a hardware security module, similar to a Smart Card. However, it is as easy to manage as software PKI deployments. Intel IPT with protected transaction display further protects PKI certificates with a PIN code entry generated in Intel’s protected audio vision path using integrated graphics. Display and entry of the PIN code is handled by secure hardware, making PIN theft very difficult.

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Instruction Set Architecture Extensions

Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) is a name for Intel® architecture extensions designed to increase robustness of software.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is a name for Intel architecture extensions designed to increase the security of software through an “inverse sandbox” mechanism.

Intel® Secure Hash Algorithm Extensions (Intel® SHA Extensions) are a family of seven Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE)-based instructions that are used together to accelerate the performance of SHA-1 and SHA-256 on Intel architecture-based processors.