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Intel® vPro™ platforms are loaded with features and technologies to deliver best-in-class security protection. Whether it's applying advanced encryption or remotely disabling a stolen/lost PC, systems equipped with Intel® vPro™ technology are designed to keep your data safe.

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Intel® vPro™ Technology

Intel’s investment in Intel® vPro™ technology is entering its tenth anniversary, and it exemplifies our commitment to engineering innovations for business computing. The benefits, capabilities, and features of our new 5th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor and Intel® Core™ M vPro™ processor help IT leadership ensure their workplace can keep up with workforce demands. In addition, Intel® vPro™ technology and accompanying solutions help businesses remain relevant and desired in a competitive market.

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This is your community. We encourage you to participate in all ways that will help you, your fellow developers, and your customers. Whether it be asking and answering questions in our forums, reading, writing or commenting on blogs, or working toward becoming an Intel® Black Belt Software Developer, your contribution is valued and valuable!

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RTFB Episode 1: Provisioning Intel AMT in the Cloud Welcome to the RTFB (Reaching For Technology From Blogs) Episode 1 Blog. Guests on RTFB are given an opportunity to talk about their blogs.  For this first show, I interviewed Ylian Saint-Hilaire and we talked about two of his Meshcentral Blogs (which also contain videos):
Intel Performance Counter Monitor V2.3 released (supporting MacOS and FreeBSD) We are proud to announce that Intel Performance Counter Monitor V2.3 (Intel PCM) has been released with the following changes: Support of Apple Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and OS X 10.8 ("Mountain Lion") Support of FreeBSD new tool for monitoring memory traffic per channel on Intel Xeon processor E5...
Exploring Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions with Intel® Software Development Emulator Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) is perhaps one of the most non-trivial extensions of instruction set architecture introduced in the 4th generation Intel® Core™ microarchitecture code name Haswell. Intel® TSX implements hardware support for a best-effort “transactional...
Fast Call for Help: Steps to create an Intel vPro Enabled Gateway Guest Blogger/Author:  Ajith Illendula, Intel  This blog is focused on the different steps needed to configure an Intel(r) vPro(tm)  Enabled Gateway, also known as  a Management Presence Server ( MPS). Ajith has divided the process into small steps and has created (silent) videos for each of these...
OpenDTK - Intel AMT activation, what developers must know. In the last few weeks, I have been posting many updates to the OpenDTK, in fact version numbers are up at a swift pace and you many have noticed that the auto-update system has kicked in many times.
Enabling Wireless Display (WiDi) on Windows 8 RTM Hi everyone, Windows 8 has just launched, so Intel just released the new WiDi software v3.5.40.0 to support Windows 8. Therefore, in order to enable WiDi officially on your Windows 8 device, follow the steps below:
But Will It Scale? Has this ever happened to you: You work tirelessly to add threads to your serial code, all your correctness tests are passing, and your application is zooming along almost twice as fast as the serial version on your 2 core machine. Now your friend sees your results and would love to run your...
What is the big deal about the new Intel® Small Business Advantage platform?
Intel has learned from the success of popular platforms, like Intel® Centrino® and Intel® vPro™ technologies, the value of considering the complete end-to-end solution when developing new solutions. Building on these successes, Intel launched the Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA)...
Developing for Intel Smart Connect Technology If you are an app developer and you are interested in how you can take advantage of the Intel Smart Connect Technology (ISCT) in your Desktop and Windows Store apps, this blog will provide the following information: What is Intel Smart Connect Technology How does an application take advantage of...