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By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 03/18/20140
This week, we have a bunch of Meshcentral improvements for Android. Android devices are increasingly of interest and being able to activate and provide a rich set of experiences on these devices is important for Intel. Rick Edgecombe has updated the Mesh Agent on the Google Play store with enha... - New Dashboard
By ylian-saint-hilaire (Intel)Posted 03/03/20140
As more people add devices to Meshcentral or their own instance of the Mesh server, it’s increasingly important to be able to search, filter and visualize large numbers of devices. Today, Matt Primrose with help from Chris Piper are happy to announce the new Meshcentral Dashboard, an amazingly ...
Introducing the new Intel Student Partners - Kenya!
By Rachel GichingaPosted 02/24/20144
We’re very pleased to announce this year’s cohort of Intel Student Partners! This is an extremely talented group of university students picked from 5 universities across Kenya, who will be running Intel activities on their campuses over the course of the year. This program is designed to enable s...
Intel® Developer Zone at Mobile World Congress 2014: Don’t miss it!
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 02/20/20141
The mobile ecosystem is growing at a fantastic rate, and smart developers know that staying on top of the trends driving this growth is extremely important. Come visit us at MWC 2014 February 24-27 in Barcelona, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to interact with Intel experts, learn more a...


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Doubt About Processor speed (clock)
By Thiyagarajan S.5
Dear Sir/Madam,         Recently i bought Dell Inspiron laptop with Processor ( Intel (R) core(TM) i5-3337u cpu @ 1.80GHZ). i feel its speed it very slow for multi processing.  even core 2 duo processor will have 3.60 Ghz . Then why i3 is operating @ just 1.80 Ghz ????...  i think myself  that i took wrong processor ??? tell about this why this is operating at low clock speed ??????? Many Thanks,  Thiyagarajan.S
Optimized Compression/Encryption libraries for Phi
By Tuong N.2
Does Intel have or know any vendor providing optimized Compression/Encryption libraries for Phi? Thanks.
By akhlak ahmad1
Hi to all, I am new member and I would love to introduce myself my name is Akhlak Ahmad working as Media Head .I am strong beliver of state of art of technology , Unicode systems Pvt, Ltd  Launched Zendfox (WAF)- open source web application framework   Zendfox is a Web Application Framework (WAF), an open source framework developed on Zend Framework for developing web applications and services, it offers substantial robust and very strong high performance implementations. Whichever you application necessity are full filled with high performance and reliability.A great step forward in open source technology. Try your hand and for more info visit- zendfox framework Thank you.
Want to improve your page rank ?
By sourabh2
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Intel Manageabilty Engine Firmware Recovery Agent won't update and neither will Wireless LAN driver
By Laura G.0
Can someone tell me how to troubleshoot the following problems: 1) I get a prompt to update the Intel Maneability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent which I follow, but then I get an error message: Check for updates process. We are sorry, but the check for updates could not be completed.  Please make sure that your system has Internet Access.  Please visit the following website for more information: I not only have internet access, but have already echatted with reps at both Intel and Samsung (the brand of my ultrabook) and neither had answers.  I have tried to install this update many times, including rebooting without success.  I read an article on the site ( that says the user must enable this security feature.    If this is the case, where do I need to "enable" the feature?  It is very odd this was not the default to update since it allows for critical updates to be installed via Intel. 2)...
By Bert Reijmerink0
Hi to you all! As a new member, a short introduction seems appropriate. My name is Bert, founder of a great company called Genalice. From a strong believe that state-of-art technology will make a difference in the fight against complex DNA diseases, sucha as cancer, we started working on solutions to deal with the enormous amounts of complex medical data (mainly caused by DNA data). We managed to come up with groundbreaking technologies, based on new algorithms and making use of current state of art hardware technology, such as Intel's. We are at the brink of a worldwide launching event of our first product, Genalice MAP. An alignment tool bringing down processing time up to 200 times, leaving small footprint data (from 36 hours per sample to only a 10-15 minutes!). A great step forward for researchers in Life Science. A lot omre to come...stay tuned! Feel free to visit our website at 
Partner manager
By Bert Reijmerink1
Hi I am looking for a Intel Partner Manager to meet in my region (the Netherlands). How can I find him/her?
access to SGX documents
By Kevin O.0
Wish to access these SGX documents but was denied access. Some documents loaded fine but not these. White Paper: Innovative Instructions and Software Model for Isolated Execution White Paper: Innovative Instructions for Trusted Solutions White Paper: Innovative Technology for Attestation and Sealing Kevin


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PennApps: 900 Students, 6 Buildings, 3 Floors, 1 Great Hackathon
By Brad Hill (Intel)Posted 02/22/20140
With its roots in a 2009 event, PennApps is one of the best established Major League Hackathons.  Combining with the hardware-focused “PennHacks” brought a wide spectrum of hardware and software innovations.  The weather around Philadelphia at this time (February 14-16) was vicious, cutting the n...
Three "Non-Wearable" Internet of Things That Need Making
By Bob Duffy (Intel)Posted 02/15/20144
Brian Krzanich said it at CES; Intel is working to making everything smarter. And to that end, Edison was announced as a new SOC PC, the size of an SD card.  On stage we saw a number of wearable demos that created buzz and excitement.  There's no doubt wearables is a big space, however there is...
MHacks: 1,200 Students Rev Up the Motor City for the Midwest's Largest Hackathon
By NEIL M. (Intel)Posted 01/31/20140
The best hackathons are those that embody the true spirit of a hackathon -- learning new things, meeting new people, having fun, and if you're really lucky, building something cool. Earlier this month I took part in an event that had all of those ingredients and more -- MHacks in Detroit, Michiga...
Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor Power Management Configuration: Using the micsmc command-line Interface
By Taylor Kidd (Intel)Posted 01/31/20140
Previous blogs on power management and a host of other power management resources can be found in, “List of Useful Power and Power Management Articles, Blogs and References” at INTRO...


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Compiling MPICH 3.0.4 with intel's compilers
By Mercel S.0
Hi everyone, I'm have compiled mpich-3.0.4 using ifort and icc in ubuntu 12.04 fallowing this sequence: export CC=iccexport CXX=icpcexport CPP='icc -E'export CXXCPP='icpc -E'export F77=ifortexport FC=ifortexport CFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel'export CXXFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel'export FFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel' ./configure --prefix=/usr/local make make install The compilation is ok. But the PROBLEM is It does not build the libpmpich.a It just build the libmpich.a but I need both to compile a model. could you help me ? best regards 
Announcing new Security Projects for Academia
By Raghudeep Kannavara (Intel)0
The Intel Academic Program announces new software projects for security coursework, labs and experiments. These tools support the Intel Security Curriculum Series and can be used in general aspects of security instruction. Peruse our first projects on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Trusted Boot, Identity Protection and Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) here on the Security tab:  
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Looking for a speaker to talk about Intel's Software Development Products
By Eduardo J. Sanchez P.0
Greetings, My name is Eduardo Sanchez, a 4th year Ph.D. student in Computational Science at San Diego State University, in San Diego, California. As part of a proposed SIAM student chapter which I am currently organizing, I have come accross some extra budget, and my intention is to try to contact an Intel expert to come to San Diego (expenses on us), to talk about the potential for applicability of the current Intel Software Development products. for example, the MKL, Intel Silk Plus, OpenMP, and so forth. Any ideas on how could I make my proposal more robust, and where to orient it? Information about the Computational Science Research Center can be found here. Thanks guys!
By Lehlohonolo M.1
Dear Form members I have a fortran code I am using to integrate date using trapezium rule. The code I have written compiles properly and runs properly. I get the output from the code ,but it does not seem to be integrating the data i.e reading and perform some integration on it.The data is placed on an external file.I would appreciate your help.I have placed the code below: implicit real*4(a-h,o-z)integer n,okreal a,b,h,gr,rlogical ex!real,allocatable,dimension(:) ::gr, r !    ** OPEN DATA FILE AND RESULTS FILE ** !OPEN(UNIT=10,FILE='RDF.dat',STATUS='OLD')!OPEN(UNIT=10,FILE='RDF.dat',IOSTAT= ok) !read(10,'(i1)')n!allocate(gr(n))!allocate(r(n))!inquire(file='RDF.dat', exist=ex)!inquire(file=name, exist=ex)!if (ex) thenOPEN(UNIT=10,FILE='RDF.dat',IOSTAT= isost)do !inquire(file='RDF.dat', exist=ex)read (10,'(F8.6,(5X,F8.6))',end=10) gr,rwrite(*,*) iost!write (*,'(F813.6,(5X,F8.6))') gr, renddo 10 continue a=0.0d0b=1.0d0n=90ok=0call trap(a,b,n,apot)write(*,20)a,b,n,apotwrite(1,20)a,b,n,...
Help with web Socket jsp.
By JudLup Luna2
Good day, I'm trying to make a web socket with java, it is  as a chat, but I don't find how make this, someone might help me with this?
Opto or Photon Processors
By ucentpw0
The life of traditional processors will short in some years. Its time to concentrate on new end technologies such as photon and opto processors. These processors may perform at light speed and probabaly at zero waste of power.
compiling with fortran errors
By ines n.1
Hello It 's my first time with Fortran, I use compaq visual Fortran 6.1 i, Windows 7 win32, When compiling an error message appears :   ompiling Fortran...D:\Travaux \for.f90\Reservoir1D.f90D:\Travaux \for.f90\Reservoir1D.f90(1444) : Error: Syntax error, found IDENTIFIER 'G' when expecting one of: ( * :: , <END-OF-STATEMENT> ; : ) + . - % (/ [ ] /) . ** / > ... dflow = rfd * (qoutt / g_sw / rad / sqrt g * grad_rho)**(1.0/3.0)-------------------------------------------------^D:\Travaux de thèse\modeling\Joumine\for.f90\Reservoir1D_420.f90(1444) : Error: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type. [SQRT] dflow = rfd * (qoutt / g_sw / rad / sqrt g * grad_rho)**(1.0/3.0)--------------------------------------------^Error executing df.exe. joum_observed_part1.exe - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) Can you please Help me to understand what's this problem and solve it


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The Top Android Apps of 2013
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 12/24/20130
The top Android apps of 2013 have been put together by Google Play users, with more than one million votes cast in the first annual Players’ Choice: Top Google Play Apps and Games poll. There were several unique categories in these user-submitted picks, included Old School Still Cool, Best Game B...
Teachers are Using Technology More than Ever
By Eliana Penzner (Intel)Posted 11/05/20130
Digital technologies have become a critical part of a teachers’ teaching and professionalization, according to a survey of teachers who instruct American middle and secondary school students. The survey by Pew Internet and Life found that more teachers than ever are taking advantage of the Intern...
How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play: Part Two
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 10/28/20130
Google Play is the go-to destination online for downloading Android apps. As of July 2013, there are over one million apps available in the Google Play store, with more uploaded and downloaded every single day. This is both good and bad; obviously, Android apps are picking up quite a bit of marke...
How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play: Part One
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 10/25/20130
If you’re a developer making apps, then you probably already know about Google Play, an Android app store where hundreds of thousands of apps are curated and discovered by users all over the world. As a developer at Google Play, getting users to discover, install, and engage with your app is the ...


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How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play: Part Two
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 10/28/20130
Google Play is the go-to destination online for downloading Android apps. As of July 2013, there are over one million apps available in the Google Play store, with more uploaded and downloaded every single day. This is both good and bad; obviously, Android apps are picking up quite a bit of marke...
How to Get Your App Discovered on Google Play: Part One
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 10/25/20130
If you’re a developer making apps, then you probably already know about Google Play, an Android app store where hundreds of thousands of apps are curated and discovered by users all over the world. As a developer at Google Play, getting users to discover, install, and engage with your app is the ...
What Is Intel Doing at HTML5 Dev Conf 2013?
By CaptGeek (Intel)Posted 10/17/20130
So, in just a few days, there will be another great and wonderful HTML5 Developer Conference. If you want ALL the details of ALL that is going on start with this link: Training will technically start on 10/21 for those that sign-up for those extra sessions, but from my p...
At a Glance: IDF 2013
By Eliana Penzner (Intel)Posted 09/24/20130
At the 2013 Intel Developer Forum,the next generation Intel® Atom™ SoC, codenamed “Bay Trail,” was announced. Herman Eul, Intel Mobile VP, dicussed in depth the new platform and the new features it offers in the mobile space to consumers including, faster Intel HD GPU, 10+ hour battery life and 3...


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HAXM Hotfix has a virus?
By Casey V.4
I tried downloading and installing this HAXM hotfix for my Windows 8.1, but my Webroot virus software detected W32.ROGUE.GEN. Is my virus checker reporting a false flag, or is this file really infected? My system was crashing when I used HAXM trying to emulate an Intel Atom (x86). I think I had it configured properly but I read that I need to install a hotfix for my Windows 8.1 machine. I'm tired of Win 8.1's issues so I'm going to try to get my Windows 7 machine up and running.    
Can the Intel HAXM API be used outside of QEMU?
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)3
This question is currently on StackOverflow: The Intel HAXM driver enables KVM-like abilites on Mac OSX and Windows, but at the moment, it appears to only be used by Android's QEMU fork. The API also has a couple of QEMU-specific structures and IOCTLs (hax_qemu_version and HAX_VM_IOCTL_NOTIFY_QEMU_VERSION). So does the HAXM driver only work with QEMU? Or can I utilize it in a different project?
NEW 3D Ninja Runner Android App Free
By mayank h.0
  Description The addictive & fun 3D Ninja Runner is now out for Android! All your friends & relative are playing & enjoying it - can you take the challenge and beat their high scores?? You have to run for your life to escape the evils nipping at your heels. Test your reflexes as you race down in the 3D track. ★ [ HOW TO PLAY ] ★ ★ Swipe UP to Jump over obstacles ★ Swipe DOWN to slide to avoid obstacles ★ See how far you can run! ★ [ FEATURES ] ★ ★ Beautiful 3D graphics ★ DASH as fast as you can! ★ DODGE the oncoming traps and obstacles. ★ Gorgeous new organic environments all in 3D ★ 3 New obstacles to either Jump over or slide under ★ Realistic Textures for 3D objects!!! A Universal Game with HD optimized graphics.
PhoneGap for Android in Intel Platform
By chang-li1
I have a PhoneGap app run on Android/ARM platform fine. Does it work on Android/Intel platform without modification? No NDK was used. 
HAXM Installation Error
By Aditya P.7
Hey, I apologize if this issue has already been discussed or resolved earlier, but I was having some troubles installing HAXM on my Macbook Pro.  The error I was getting says "VT/NX not enabled - Your computer meets the requirements for this software, but one ore more hardware features are disabled. Intel HAXM can be installed, but will not function until these features are enabled." I've attached an image of this error box that pops up for your reference.  The specifications for my Macbook Pro are: Model Name: MacbBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,5 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz My laptop is several years old, but despite this, as far as I am aware, my laptop should have the necessary hardware components (VT-x, Intel EM64T, and the XD Bit functionality) automatically/permanently enabled and the HAXM installer seems to say that my laptop has the necessary requirements, but still something isn't in fact enabled. Is there any solution to this error...
HAX works only for the first ADT user
By Wendy L.5
I've successfully installed Intel HAXM on our 2008 R2 server, and it works fine for the user who first start up the ADT emulator.  ( the launch console shows "HAX is working ..." and it really runs much faster ) But all following users got " HAX is not working and emulator runs in emulation mode" and fall back to poor performance. If we reboot the server, the HAXM works again, but only for the first one who launching ADT emulator. It has nothing to do with the account or permission. The first launching user (not necessary 1st loggin user) always success, no need to be administrator, and not any specific account. This user can success even if he logout and login again. He also can start up plenty of emulators, all will has HAX working. On the other hand, other users always failed to apply HAX, no matter the first launching user is online or not. Only reboot frees the lock. Any idea for this weird scenario? Many thanks.
Inquiry about the minor upgrades and major upgrades
By Yuri2
Hi, If I purchase C++ Compiler for Android, can I get minor upgrades (ver 14.XX) as well as major upgrades (such as ver 15.X or 16.X) for free? Thank you.
XD not supported. HAXM cannot be Installed
By Naveed A.3
Dear Intel Support, Good day :) I was really excited to know that intel provides hardware accelerator for emulating android apps. But, when I try to install it on my computer (Windows7 - 64bit) I get following pop-up error. "This computer does not support Intel Executable Disable Bit (XD) or it is disable in the BIOS. HAXM cannot be installed." I tried following command at command line and rebooted and then tried re-installing but it failed again. bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn Please find my PC config and pop-up error in the attachment.  Can you please help in this regard? Thank you in advance, BR, Naveed


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