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MHacks: 1,200 Students Rev Up the Motor City for the Midwest's Largest Hackathon
By NEIL M. (Intel)Posted 01/31/20140
The best hackathons are those that embody the true spirit of a hackathon -- learning new things, meeting new people, having fun, and if you're really lucky, building something cool. Earlier this month I took part in an event that had all of those ingredients and more -- MHacks in Detroit, Michiga...
Flight with the Navigator | Making “The Big Change” – Again, E4
By Tim Duncan (Intel)Posted 01/31/20140
  The idea of a smartphone that doesn't require a data plan is neither mine alone nor a new concept to me. I found Scratch* Wireless because I was looking for the service. So during the quest dear daughter number one mentioned a must-have on her always with her portable device - Navigation. L...
It HAS to be a Phone | Making “The Big Change” – Again, E3
By Tim Duncan (Intel)Posted 01/30/20140
It HAS to be a Phone | Making “The Big Change” – Again, E3 My Photon Q's First Snapshot       I unboxed the phone Tuesday night; performed the requisite 3 hour charge; followed on-screen instructions to activate (the financial stuff comes with the registration/buying the phone) - so a relati...
Holy teleportation, Batman!* | Making “The Big Change” – Again, E 2
By Tim Duncan (Intel)Posted 01/28/20140
  The trip took 20 minutes! Bezos thinks he needs drones, FedEx looks to have trumped his drone with a transporter. Ordered Friday afternoon, on Tuesday morning the phone is 7 miles from my house. The Amex bill won’t arrive for another month!   Glad I ordered a $5 cover for it already. Cover...


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Which software package I should buy
By Zhitong H.0
Dear all, I want to buy a inter fortran compiler (academic version) which can works within visual studio environment. Whether Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows is good for me? Does any other suggestions? Besides, I have a pretty tight budget. I have another question whether I still need to obtain a Microsoft visual studio software to work with Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows or I only need Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 for Windows? Thanks,
MPSS on Red Hat 6.4 (Centos 6.4)
By Andrea C.0
Hi. I should install MPSS (MIC) on a Red Hat 6.4 (CentOS 6.4) machine. Unfortunatlelly there os no precompiled stack for download at the moment. Is there a workaround? Any idea when it will be supported? Thanks A.  
Whaich programming language is the best?
By Fahim Zafri24
I want to develop mobile apps,so which programming language could help me??
trial version of intel fortran compiler 10.1
By Shahin S.1
Hi How can I download a trial version of intel fortran compiler 10.1 Bests Shahin
Sensor drivers
By TESTSabrina T.1
Hi! does anyone knows how t get the sensor drivers for the Ultrabook?
SET™ (Supercomputing Engine Technology™) for Windows
By Zvi T.0
Advanced Cluster Systems, Inc. (ACS) is looking to spin-out its SET for Windows operation, and collaborate with a company that specializes in parallel programming and HPC for Windows for the purpose of porting our SET (Supercomputing Engine Technology) to Windows. SET is a new, patented software parallelization platform. With its enormous practical strength, parallel programming with SET is the fastest way today to develop, deploy and maintain parallel programs for multicore, clusters and supercomputers. In addition, SET is also the fastest way today to convert legacy sequential codes to high-performance, parallel versions. SET is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X only. The selected company will be a part of the spin-out operation, which will get exclusive rights to port SET to Windows and support it, with an attractive revenue sharing arrangement. For more details, please contact Zvi Tannenbaum ( ).
Can we see the countries/cities that visit our products? - Software Finder BETA
By Ricardo Braga5
Dear fellows, good morning! I published a product at Software Finder BETA. On that page, I can see the number of views, however I cannot see the countries/cities of the visitors. Is there any detailed report about these views? Thank you very much for the attention! Regards!
Can't Find Account Manager Details in Dashboard
By Nilotpal Datta1
Hi, Today saw a new change in our dashboard, The Account Manager Details are missing and our points has come down. After searching the reason for the two issues, I found or should i say I think that some point has expired as it is written in line with the points. Now when I saw that I lost 500 Points, I was curious to know the reason it can't happen that 500 points has the same expiry date or it can't also be that because the new year has started a new table is to be started if that is the reason than our points has to be zero again. So may be my understanding is wrong or maybe I am missing some points. But most importantly the Account Manager Details is missing but it is still in the unlock resources list and it still says to use the rosources you must be Intel premier Elite Partner but being an Elite Partner we can't see the details and again the Resources has come down to 20. Hope that we should bring these issue so that the back hand support team can know about the isuue.


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The University of Los Andes in Colombia visits Intel
By Michael A. Smith (Intel)Posted 11/07/20132
The Intel® Academic Program welcomed faculty and students from the University of Los Andes in Bogota Colombia. The group toured the Intel Museum and took pictures outside the Robert Noyce Building (RNB) in Santa Clara, CA. The faculty expressed interest in many aspects of the Intel® Academic Prog...
Announcing new Security Projects for Academia
By Raghudeep Kannavara (Intel)Posted 10/18/20130
The Intel Academic Program announces new software projects for security coursework, labs and experiments. These tools support the Intel Security Curriculum Series and can be used in general aspects of security instruction. Peruse our first projects on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), T...
Intel Code for Good Hackathon - Day of the Girl, South Sudan
By Paul Steinberg (Intel)Posted 10/05/20130
This Hackathon, ongoing now as I write these words,  is focused on the needs of girls in South Sudan.  We are working with Unicef who are running a program now in Juba, the capital of south Sudan, focused on this issue. Aside from Unicef,  we have two different groups at Intel - Code for Good bas...
Intel Developer Forum '13 -- Code for the Cloud Hackathon
By Edward ThangPosted 09/14/20132
Some time ago, I got a message. It was from a friend, an attendee of one IUEE13 workshop in Sacramento, which was a programming workshop that I helped facilitate.  The message said: "hey Edward! How's it going? I'm at the Sacramento Hackathon. And we're doing html5 again."  It makes me happy to h...


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double linked list -- deallocate all list
By diedro1
hi everyone, In my program I create a double linked list. I would like to know if it is possible to deallocate all the list in a simple way. I mean, Can I apply a sort of code like: DEALLOCATE (MY_LIST()) or, as I suppose, I have to move across the entire list and ramove the node one by one? In the second case how can I do? cheers
disabling hardware prefetching on Xeon
By ramacn1
Hi, I have a question related to hardware prefetcher events on Intel Xeon processor with the below configuration. $ uname -a Linux 2.6.34-gentoo-r1 #2 SMP Mon Feb 20 12:07:35 CST 2012 x86_64 Intel Xeon CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux I am trying to count the number of hardware prefetch events (a.k.a. L1D_PREFETCH:REQUESTS perfmon2 event), before and after disabling hardware prefetching using BIOS. I have followed the steps mentioned in the below link to disable h/w prefetching in BIOS. However even after disabling the h/w prefetching, I don't see it is having any effect on prefetching event L1D_PREFETCH:REQUESTS. I had posted this query on perfmon2 group, and I was told that since the processor E5520 is not a Core micro-architecture but Nehalem-EP the technique above to disable HW prefetcher does not apply. So my question is what is the correct way to disable hardware prefetching on this p...
Feature comparison of Intel HD 3000 graphics and NVIDIA 320M
By abdulahad19850
Hi, please give suggestion on the features of Intel HD 3000 and Nvidia 320M graphics
Fuzzy Logic Gates
By abdulahad19850
Hi, please give some information regarding fuzzy logic gates. Are these kinds of gates really functional ?
Question on 3d transistors
By vinayemmadi0
Hi I am vinay emmadi from oklahoma state university. currently working on 3d transistors I have question on what makes gate delay better in 3d transistors apart from channel length and operating voltage. Thanks in advance Vinay emmadi
Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 and Destroy Castle Profiling
By josevilleta0
Hi, Do we know the status of the Known/Limitation issue below? Thread stack size limitation (200152816) Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 Release Notes 10 o The VTune Amplifier XE may crash with the following error message: Error: failed to create a sampling thread: not enough storage is available to process this command. This happens when the profiled application has big reserved and committed thread stack size (/STACK:reserve[,commit] command line switch of link.exe). The suggested workaround is reducing the reserved/committed thread stack size to profile the target. We are trying to analyze Destry Castle demo either serial or parallel versions either using Windows Threads or Intel TBB and we are crashing every time. It fails to run the application and we get the following error: Error: Cannot create sampling thread Target process's profiling finished but the following processes are still being profiled: PPID PID STATE NAME 001652 003648 RESUME Main_Debug.exe You may stop collection m...
I need information about Intel Xeon microprocessor
By wessambasil3
Hello , in few days ago I wrote a thread that I need a report about Intel Xeon microprocessor , I got a little answer that are good but they are not enough for me .. My professor wants a detailed information about intel xeon , it not necassry for him , because its not us subject , but its very necessary for me to make a good memory about me to my professor , the report (or information) must considered with the following :-General background-Microprocessor architecture-A front side bus(FSB)-An instruction set , or instruction set architecture (ISA)-max cpu clock rate Please help me quickly .. please .I'm sorry to repeat the theard because I'm so compelled to that .. Thank you very much
compiling assembly code
By narendhar2
what compiler can i use to compile the assembly level codes for intel 32 bit processors?


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A Glimpse of the Mobile Future: The Intel Developer Forum
By Kevin SellersPosted 08/26/20130
The technology industry is undergoing an amazing time of creativity and change. The world hasn’t seen the likes of this in years, maybe decades, and the pace of change is only accelerating. Mobile is everything and everywhere. Consumers want the internet and computing capability with them at all ...
My Summer in Academia
By Michael A. Smith (Intel)Posted 08/21/20130
Breaking News: the blog is back! First, introductions: my name is Michael Smith, Ph.D. and I am the director of the Intel Academic Program. While I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of our members over the last couple of months, I’d like to use this first blog post as an opportunity to sh...
How Tablets can Transform Learning Math
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 08/20/20130
Improving mathematics is a major educational challenge. Yet with new tablet computers, learning math can be much easier and effective. With tablets and portable computers becoming more popular than ever, tablets are seen an imminent second wave of “must-have” technology for schoolchildren, accord...
In my day, we carried >10% of our body weight, uphill, in the snow!
By patricia (Intel)Posted 08/13/20130
Remember tottering off to school with only your 10-inch digital tablet?  Yeah, and nobody had acne, braces or glasses either.  It may sound impossible, but coming to a backpack near you is not only a 10-inch Android solution, but a 7-inch solution based on the Intel® Atom architecture. Atom's hig...


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Intel Intrinsic support for Atom Cloverview
By Harrisson M.10
Hi Everyone, I have an application which was designed for inteli 7 using SSE to AVX, now I want the same application to run on Atom Processors. I was recently browsing net for intrinsic support for Atom cloverview processors. Every where it mentions it support upto SSE3. But that means it support just upto SSE3 or Supplemantry SSE3 is included in SSE3. In Intel Atom architecture manual it says that all Atom processors Support Single-instruction multiple-data extensions up to SSE3 and SSSE3.  Can somebody give me some clarity on the above, as I developing an application and I am not surte weather to include SSSE3 in my application. If Intel Atom support SSSE3, that ease a lot of my pain   Thanks
Lenovo K900 ifwi and dnx patch engineering?
By Vladimir M.2
Hello! Could you clarify the question? As a software developer, I can get a firmware image engineering (ifwi and dnx) for Lenovo K900 CPU intel atom z2580? Or is this a question for Lenovo? Thanks in advance!
64 bit userland compilation?
By Aharon Robbins (Intel)2
Hi. We're wondering if it is possible to compile libs and apps for the 64 bit x86_64 architecture. We're currently using Beacon Mountain on Windows as our development environment and NDK.  We have Android 4.2 but could probably update to 4.4 if necessary. We are also using IPP for Android since we're trying to accelerate some critical processing. Thanks, Aharon Robbins
c++ compiler support for windows/cygwin?
By an n.1
Hi, I see c++ compiler support for windows host but will it work on cygwin? That's how we build for ndk. Thanks!
Consequences of running a Unity APK on Intel processor driven Android devices?
By Omnivision Studio2
Hi guys, As more Android device manufacturers will be implementing Intel processors in the future, this question might be interesting for everyone who wants their Unity games to run on these devices. I looked around the internet to find information about Unity APK's (target ARMv7) running on Intel driven Android devices. Most threads are short and don't offer a clear answer if the behavior of the APK's is always the same on the Intel powered devices. I would want to know if a binary translator (like libhoudini) is reliable. Does it always work, does it always fail or is it unreliable and you just need to be lucky your App will run? It does turn out that you will have to deal with a performance hit when you use a binary translator, as it is an emulator and your game won’t be running with the x86 libraries directly. Using these binary translators seems to be a necessary part of Intel driven Android devices, as they otherwise would not be able to run previously released apks which are ...
No Android 4.4 Rollout for Medfield Devices from any Vendor, why?
By Miklos T.4
Hello, No Smartphone Manufacture rolls out a Android 4.4 Update for his Devices based on Medfield Architecture. Then what is the Sense in programming and testing coded Apps on a 4.4 Image thats running on a PC, if no Smartphone Devices are out there where the Apps can finally run on. Especially Like the Motorola Razr i XT 890, a highly accepted and loved Device in most European Markets like Germany. Or the Lenovo K900, a very Nice Device wich i would buy too, thats Saled in Certain Asian Countrys. There are a lot of Customers who would buy Smartphones with Intel Architecture, and Intel will get some Parts frome the Smartphone Cake. On Intel Sites you still can find a lot of old Descriptions of this Devices today and you can still buy those Devices in Stores in Germany.  So i can not explain whats the Reason that  those Devices got no Kitkat Update. Whats the Reason? Still Motorola himself can´t give a officiall Statement that a Update will came in the Future. So i think its a Intel ...
Intel GPA - how does System Analyzer get it data?
By happydude_291
I am wondering if anyone can point me to the documents or to the literature that describes how the Intel GPA gets it's data from the Android target and program being analyzed. I am using Intel GPA 2013 RC 4, from December of 2014. Is it all instrumented into the Intel Graphics driver for Android? And if so who measures the duration of GPU cycles or the data being provied to each GPU work load cycle? Why cannot we find out how much data is in each bundle, for example? Any help greatly appreciated....
Single App package for IA and ARM
By Lance Atencio (Intel)3
Hello, Can you provide any information or best known methods for combining an IA version and an ARM version of the same application that are currently  built as 2 separate apps into a single package that can be deployed in Google Play as one app and run correctly on both architectures? Thanks


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