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Available as part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio

A Tradition of Trusted Application Performance

With the Intel® C++ Compiler, you can create code that takes advantage of more cores and built-in technologies in platforms based on Intel® processors. Compile and generate applications for Windows*, Linux*, and macOS*. Your applications perform optimally with broad support for current and previous standards. This compiler integrates seamlessly with popular third-party compilers, development environments, and operating systems.

C++17 Standard Compatibility

Boost Performance

Incorporate this key software development tool (one of many available in the Intel Parallel Studio XE and Intel System Studio suites) to speed HPC, embedded, and system applications. Improve application performance through:

  • Advanced optimization, Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) vectorization, and loop and memory transformations
  • Integration with Intel® Performance Libraries
  • Using the latest OpenMP* parallel programming models

The compiler plugs into integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Microsoft Visual Studio*, Eclipse*, Xcode*, and Android Studio*. It's source and binary compatible with the Microsoft Visual C++* compiler on Windows* and the GNU compiler* on Linux*, macOS*, and Android*. Using this compiler enables you to:

  • Develop optimized and vectorized code for various Intel® architectures, including Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Core™, and Intel Atom® processors
  • Leverage the latest language and OpenMP standards
  • Use compatibility with leading third-party compilers
  • Analyze and optimize performance with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

What's New

  • Memory management improvements that reduce application compile time without sacrificing runtime performance
  • Full OpenMP 4.5 support and initial OpenMP 5.0 support
  • Support for a user-defined induction of OpenMP parallel pragmas and an exclusive scan for SIMD
  • Full C++11, C++14, and initial C++17 support
  • SIMD Data Layout Template (SDLT) library to vectorize your standard C++ array-of-structure code
  • Virtual function vectorization to boost performance of your object-oriented C++ code
  • Improvements to lambda and constant expression support
  • Enhanced compatibility with newer versions of GNU C++* and Microsoft Visual C++* compilers

For more new features, see the Release Notes.

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