Intel® C++ Compilers

Intel® C++ Compilers

Leadership Application Performance

  • Industry-leading, standards-based C and C++ tools to speed application performance
  • Seamless compatibility with popular compilers, development environments, and operating systems
  • Take advantage of Priority Support―connect privately with Intel engineers for technical questions

If you are here, you are looking for ways to make your application run faster. Boost performance by augmenting your development process with the Intel® C Compiler and Intel® C++ Compiler.

Easily implement the latest C and C++ language standards (up to the initial C++17) on state-of-the-art Intel®-based platforms with these compilers. These tools help developers boost application performance through superior optimizations and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) vectorization, integration with Intel® Performance Libraries, and by leveraging the latest OpenMP* 5.0 parallel programming models.

The compilers have seamless integration with popular development environments like Visual Studio*, Eclipse*, Xcode*, and Android Studio*; and source compatibility with the Visual C++* compiler on Windows* and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) on Linux*, macOS*, and Android* allows for increased developer productivity. Enhanced optimization reports and integration with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier and Intel® Advisor give developers control over code profiles.

The Intel C++ Compiler is available in two products based on your application development needs:

Benefits of Priority Support

Paid licenses of Intel® Software Development Tools include priority support for one year from your date of purchase, with an option to extend support at a reduced rate. Benefits include:

  • Direct and private interaction with Intel engineers. Submit confidential inquiries and code samples via the online service center.
  • Responsive help with your technical questions and other product needs.
  • Free access to all new product updates and access to older versions.
  • Learn from other experts via community product forums
  • Access to a vast library of self-help documents that build off decades of experience for creating high-performance code.