Broad Support for Current and Previous C and C++ Standards, Plus Popular Extensions

Built-In Compiler Vectorization

  • Exploits ever-widening SIMD parallelism that boosts performance.
  • By processing multiple data elements in parallel, these extensions provide a convenient way to utilize data parallelism in scientific, engineering, or graphical applications that apply a single operation to all elements in a data set, such as a vector or matrix.
  • Learn more about Intel® Advisor

A Drop-In Addition for C and C++ Development


  • Develop, build, debug, and run from the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE
  • Works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2015, and 2017
  • Source and binary compatible with Visual C++*

  1. Project and source in Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. C and C++ aware text editor
  3. Debug C and C++ code
  4. Call stack information
  5. Set breakpoints at certain source lines on the IDE


  • Develop, build, debug, and run using Eclipse* IDE interface or command line
  • Source and binary compatible with the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

  1. Project and source
  2. Project properties to select the compiler
  3. Output window


  • Develop, build, debug and run from the familiar Xcode* IDE
  • Works with Xcode
  • Source and binary compatible with LLVM-GCC and Clang* tool chains

  1. Source code window
  2. Debug application overview
  3. Debug variables and registers
  4. Output window
  5. File detail windows