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Get Started Videos

  • Intel C++ Compiler Introduction: Two short videos (each approximately five minutes long) demonstrating how to use Intel C++ Compiler within Microsoft Visual Studio 2015* and introducing the different optimizations offered by Intel C++ and Intel® Fortran Compilers.
  • Vectorization Essentials: Nine short videos (each approximately 10 minutes long) covering compiler vectorization essentials that explore code snippets and background information on topics as Intel® Cilk™ Plus array notation, functions enabled for Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD), and explicit SIMD loops, as well as compiler diagnostic switches to help determine if targeted loops were vectorized and if not, provides the reason why.

Advanced Videos

  • Maximize Graphics Processor Compute Power for General Purpose Computing: An approximately 50-minute video talking about maximize graphics processor compute power for general-purpose computing. It explains how the C++ offload compiler enables you to fully utilize Intel® processors through easy access to the general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) capabilities of Intel® Graphics Technology.
  • Get the Most Out of a Compiler from Intel with New Optimization Reports: A one-hour video talking about new reporting features introduced in Intel® C++ Composer XE 2015. A new consolidated optimization report provides improved presentation, content, and precision of the information provided so that users better understand what optimizations were performed by the compiler, and how they may be tuned to yield the best performance.


These tutorials work with the supplied sample code to demonstrate important features in this release and can be found in the Intel® Software Documentation Library.

Using Auto Vectorization
This tutorial demonstrates how you can improve the performance of the sample project by using the auto-vectorization feature of a compiler from Intel.

Using Intel® Graphics Technology
This tutorial shows you how to compile the source code into an application that runs on both the host and the target. The source code has sections that are defined to run on both the host and the target.

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