Overview of Chrome OS*

Chrome OS*

Learn how to write, deploy, and optimize your Chrome* apps on Intel® architecture.

A Commitment to Chrome

Intel is committed to Chrome and is working closely with OEM/ODM partners and Google* to make sure the Chrome experience is delivered best on Intel® architecture. The very first Chromebook* was based on Intel architecture and since then, Intel has launched five generations of Chromebooks and is the market leader. Intel continually helps shape the user experience, as we are one of the top software contributors to the kernel and to Chromium* OS. We would like to create a portal for our developers and you to collaborate on ways to make Chrome apps the best they can be.


Learn about methods, tools and technologies that help enable more responsive and interactive Chromebook applications.

  • Exceeding User Expectations on a Chromebook
  • Chromebook Architecture Overview
  • Difference between an Internet/Web Application and a Chrome Runtime Extension
  • Web / Internet Applications

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