Getting Started

Before using Intel® Cluster Checker for the first time, the runtime environment must be set up. Two files are included to set up the runtime environment, for shells with Bourne syntax and clckvars.csh for shells with csh syntax. Type

source /opt/intel/clck/201n/bin/

Next, create a nodefile with a line-separated list of compute node hostnames. You can only use hostnames; do not use IP addresses, hostname aliases, or complete domain names. For example, if the cluster consists of a dedicated head node named frontend and four compute nodes named node1, node2, node3, and node4, the corresponding nodefile would contain:


Note that you can also include the head node with the line frontend #role: head, but this is not required.

The preceding two steps are one-time prerequisites, unless nodes are added to or removed from the cluster. Now, to run a simple test of CPU performance, execute the following command:

clck -f nodefile -F cpu
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.