Add features such as language selectors or generating a build-time stamp.

Game Development

Enhance graphics, add plugins, and integrate Intel® RealSense™ technology into games.

Big Data

Samples include conditional random fields based on Apache Spark* and more.


Code for deep learning framework, optimized for Intel.

Clang, OpenMP*

Resources for the front-end compiler and APT for the C family of languages.

Intel Go Team

Enhance projects with the Google Go* programming language.


A large repository of code samples for Hadoop and other Apache products.

Intel Labs

Includes an API for data parallelism and code to create an interactive shell in your browser.

Intel Makers

Samples for home security systems, the cloud, and getting started with products from Intel.

Intel® Media SDK

Code samples that showcase a range of features in the Intel® Media SDK.

Node-RED* Library

Resources for wiring together hardware, APIs, and online services for IoT.

Open Design

Create a web-based dashboard manager for Linux* or remotely program your Intel® Galileo board and more.

Intel® XDK

Use these samples with the cross-platform development environment.