Code for Good

Intel® Code for Good

Intel® Code For Good is an initiative that aims to foster volunteerism and relationships between developers who want to make the world a better place and non-profit organizations. If you have a passion to collaborate with others and support projects that can improve your community or the environment, this is for you. We are looking to connect your talent to good causes and prove together that programming can make a difference.

Put your talent to work and help us improve the life of every person on Earth.



Intel® Code For Good at the Mobile Premiere Awards

Intel® Code For Good partnered with the Mobile Premiere Awards to recognize developers who have taken the initiative to improve the lives of others through their work. The winner of this event was the Mimi* Hearing Test, an application that provides a personalized hearing test, and then augmented sound to improve a person’s experience listening to music or their surroundings.

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My Experience at Earlham College Hackathon 2013   My name is Jean Paul Mugizi. I am a junior at Miami University of Ohio majoring in Software Engineering. Attending the Intel Hackathon 2013 has been a unique experience for me as I chance to network with students from Erlham College, Indiana University, and Miami University working together to...
Intel Hackathon at Earlham College Hello all, my name is Ivan Babic and I am studying Computer Science at Earlham College. This April, we are hosting Earlham College Hackathon sponsored by Intel. Our problem statement is “Use technology and the power of visualization + geocoding to show location specific long term climate trends.” 
GA Tech Student Code for Good Hackathon - Live Blog Thursday, September 27, 7:42AM PDT Ok.  I am on the plane -got up at 3:30 AM - heading to Atlanta GA. I'll be updating this in a timely fashion, look for lots of info, but it won't be terribly pretty. Do you want to contribute? Use the comments section below. Please let us hear from you!

Proof of Concept: LocalSense
LocalSense is a project that uses IoT technology to keep people safer in specific environments. For example, it can detect the location of medical staff or hospital assets to better respond to an emergency, warn teams in case of hazardous environments, or identify the whereabouts of patients.


Proof of Concept: VIZIUM
VIZIUM, created by Intel® Software Innovator Silviu-tudor Serban, employs Intel® RealSense™ technology to provide blind and visually impaired individuals with a sense of motion and nearby environment, allowing them to navigate the world more freely and safely.