KVM and AMT 8.0

KVM and AMT 8.0

Hello, I'm developing a KVM application for use with Intel AMT 8.0. I've downloaded the latest version of the SDK, and also the latest version of the Open MDTK along with the VNC Viewer Plus from Real VNC for testing purposes.

I can successfully establish a connection with the remote machine by using the Commander tool and the VNC Viewer Plus application, but the KVM example from the SDK (written in C#) fails with a "connection refused" message.

I've tested the SDK sample application with a machine running AMT 7 and it worked without problems.

What am I missing here?

Best regards

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Hello Luis,
You may need to enable WinRM on the AMT 8 client systems.

Also please ensure that the configuration is the same for AMT on the AMT8 and 7 systems for KVM settings like standard port vs. redirection port, TLS/no-TLS, authentication (digest vs. kerberos).

Hello, thanks for your reply! I've tested the SDK sample with the AMT 8 machine using the redirection ports, and it worked. Any idea why the default port is giving me authentication errors? As I said, it doesn't happen in AMT 7. I've double checked the configurations and they are the same in both versions. Thank you!

That system may need to have the default KVM port enabled.
Please take a look at this page in the SDK documentation on how to enable/disable that port: http://software.intel.com/sites/manageability/AMT_Implementation_and_Ref...

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