How to run the SCS Discovery Tool

Do you have a system that you believe is Intel® AMT capable and you are trying to run  samples but are getting an errors?  Here are some tips on how to make sure your systems *is* Intel AMT capable and is also capable of running the samples in the SDK

1.  Download and run the SCS Discovery Tool in a CMD window:

    • >SCSDiscovery.exe /Output file test.xml SystemDiscovery /NoRegistry

    • test.xml will be a debug file - look for another file named with the FQDN of your computer. Here is a snippet of the xml file and some of the key fields to look for:

2. Open the xml file from running the Discovery tool an look for the following lines:

    • <AMTversion>7.1.4</AMTversion>

    • <MEIVersion></MEIVersion>

    • <FWVersion></FWVersion>

    • <IsAMTConfigured>true</IsAMTConfigured>

For root-causing issues, it is good to know what AMT version/ FW Version we are working with and if AMT has been configured. (And that the correct FW version is installed.)

3. Since most questions appear due to SOL/IDER and KVM, let's take a look at the following entries:

    • <IsAMTKVMSupported>true</IsAMTKVMSupported>

    • <IsAMTIDEREnabled>true</IsAMTIDEREnabled> (IDER must be enabled )

    • <IsAMTKVMEnabled>false</IsAMTKVMEnabled>

    • <IsKVMEnabledInBIOS>true</IsKVMEnabledInBIOS>

    • <IsKVMSupportedInBIOS>false</IsKVMSupportedInBIOS> (Not a reliable indicator!!)

<IsAMTKVMSupported> True if the KVM redirection interface is supported in the Intel AMT Firmware.

<IsAMTIDEREnabled> IDE-Redirection must be enabled in the bios in order to use the KVM feature using the Redirection ports.

<IsAMTKVMEnabled> True if the Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) redirection interface is enabled in Intel AMT  (This refers to the listener and if you have enabled Intel AMT but have not yet configured your KVM connections, this will show up as false.)

<IsKVMEnabledInBIOS> True if KVM redirection is enabled in the MEBx of the Intel  AMT device

<IsKVMSupportedInBIOS> True if the BIOS of the platform supports KVM redirection.  This entry is not always reported correctly - as you can see on my system it indicates false.  But my system is KVM capable.

It is important to note that the Discovery tool may indicate that your system can do KVM even if you do not have the right graphics card - that's why you check for that first. See this blog for more KVM troubleshooting.


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