Video: How to Configure and Un-configure an Intel® vPro™ technology client (Intel® AMT) inside the MEBx Menus

If you have just purchased and Intel® AMT Client and are wondering how to get started managing your new system, you can watch this short ~10 minute video on how to quickly configure Intel AMT. This video also demonstrates how to unconfigure Intel AMT from inside the MEBx environment.

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There is NO line for "unconfigure" and AMT is no longer detected on my Dell Optiplex 780.
It was previously version ME, and it PREVIOUSLY WORKED! Just BIOS & chipset updates - nothing more.
It is a vPro system.
Prev was able to get to AMT functions and, at one time, long ago, I gave the AMT/vPro part a static ip.

But now, it always gives error during "Aquiring Intel AMT Configuration" - 2003-08 - ERROR FIRMWARE CONNECTION FAILURE.
AMT tab shows: MEI driver Enabled ( and LMS: Enabled (, Power Policy unknown.

I did have Dell send me a new power supply - and I replaced that, but that is all that has happened.

Prev BIOS was A09, still got same 'connection failure' on A09 (over the past 3+ months); so, recenty I updated to BIOS A12.
Still no go - same error. We tried resetting, but maybe we did not fully reset it???

Troubleshooting I have seen - mentions "Connection failure happens sometimes if the system has trouble getting to the IP of the ME/AMT portion."

Intel Management & Security Status app shows "AMT Reviewed, "Intel AMT disabled 03/29/2012" and "not detected," but shows ILS and the other thing
Only thing I did was add video card, which now I have removed, to make it back like it was.

Still no go.
I do not have a provisioning server - only using MEBx, but since there is NO 'unprovision' option, I am stuck! Need this to work.
HELP! Please.