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Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) enables IT to discover and enable Intel® Active Management Technology on Intel® vPro™ Platforms. The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the developer with an integration guide and samples for using Intel® SCS with IT configuration management solutions. Download the most recent Intel® SCS SDK and get tools to discover and configure Intel® AMT devices. For more information about Intel® AMT and other technologies on the Intel® vPro™ Platform, see:

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Highlights of Intel® SCS 9.0

New Features and Improvements in Version 9.0:.

  • New Software Development Kit (SDK) describes integration flows and sample code for 3rd party integration
  • Tools upgraded to support AMT 9+
  • Bug fixes

Intel® SCS version 9.0 supports most features included in previous versions 8.x,7.x and 6.x, although implementation of some features has been changed or enhanced. Also, please note that the RCSServer.exe can optionally run a database to track AMT configuration data.

The following sections describe the main changes and new features in the Intel® SCS SDK. For more detailed information about using Intel® SCS, see:

* Please note that the terms of the software license agreement included with any software you download will control your use of the software

Name Version Publish Date Size Description Documentation Download
Intel® SCS SDK (Software Development Kit) 9.0 4/1/2013 2MB The Developer Kit contains the following:
  • SDK Guide
  • Binaries for RCS
  • Sample code
Release Notes
Intel® SCS SDK (Software Development Kit) 9.0 12/05/2013 104MB Full package   Download the full Intel® SCS package

Looking for Linux tools? You can download the latest tools and drivers here.

Check out the Intel® vPro™ Developer Community for all the latest updates, news and discussions related to Intel® AMT and Intel® SCS. Need more help? Refer to the FAQs or get expert advice from the Developer Discussion Forum

There are downloads available under the Intel® SCS License Agreement license. Download
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erinn's picture

Just as a note here, the link at the top of the page to download the SCS works fine, the link at the bottom gives a 16.9MB download that seems to be an incomplete versions of SCS. This is for SCS 8.0.

Paul Steinberg (Intel)'s picture

Hi erinn,

The problem is that the top link is for the entire package, whereas the bottom link is for the source kit only. This is confusing I agree! We'll fix this soon.

Paul Steinberg

's picture

HMM..Link not fixed. I didn't even see the top one. I was starting to thing the docs for this were even more disorganized than I had orginally observed.

Alex Kariman's picture

Please fix " 52mb", but by link is only 1Mb-file.

All files in archive have:
BLOCKED FILE ALERTA file has been blocked due to the 'Intel Email File Filtering Policy' rule.Context: 'ACU.dll'Disallowed due to Ticket Number: '0854-4ffe-ed65-0003'
See your system administrator for further information. Copyright 1999-2007 McAfee, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

's picture

Dead link on this page

StockTrader's picture


the file contains a damaged DLL.
I tried to re-downlaod the zip and use different decompression software (from Winzip to Winrar)
The problem is the following:
Warnings were issued - see below for details

Testing Source_Kit\ OK
Testing Source_Kit\Bin\ OK
Testing Source_Kit\Bin\Configurator\ OK
Testing Source_Kit\Bin\Configurator\ACU.dll
Invalid compressed data to extract.
Severe Error: Compressed data is invalid.

The ACU.DLL is corrupted in the ZIP file.
May someone help me please?
Kind regards,
Marco - StockTrader

eltrkbrd's picture

@StockTrader - I had the same problem extracting the broken ACU.DLL file (7zip); you can download the full package from:

Extract and navigate to \IntelSCS\ACU_Wizard\

Launch the ACU_Wizard.exe and see the Intel AMT Configuration Utility .PDF included in that same directory.

On this page under "Introduction" you can also click the "Download the full Intel® SCS 8.1 package Here" link which will redirect you to direct link I posted above.

I'm just looking for a simple host based configuration (HBC) method so I can launch the AMT configurator from the localhost and enable Intel AMT 6.x/7.x from a couple PCs so I can use the Remote KVM capabilities.

I found RealVNC free (port 5900) combined with Radmin free w/ AMT functionality to be an excellent alternative to RealVNC Plus (paid software).

I found an easy way to enable Remote KVM was to download; then extract and run \Windows\Intel_AMT\Bin\KVM\KVMControlApplication.exe (copy three .dll files over from Bin64 into same directory if not on x86).

This link for Out of Box Configuration for KVM Remote Control came in handy too (see included .PDF and run kvm.hta:

My challenge is making it simple for SOHO users to enable Network Activation and Intel AMT SOL/IDER KVM without having them monkey around with manual bare metal configuration settings in the BIOS, etc while at the same time making it easy for me not to have to deploy crazy enterprise tools and mess around with IDEs/Visual Studio, Powershell, etc. just to do a simple setup on one or two PCs with vPRO KVM capabilities that I want to manage remotely.

Honestly, this should be a simple GUI application and wizard with quick setup guide that can easily be deployed locally to fully enable and configure Intel AMT 6.2 and up.

Why Intel makes it so convoluted to perform these simple tasks for small installations explains the slow adoption of this powerful technology.

I mean seriously; you should see the insane amount of documentation, forum posts, Google Searches, SDKs, etc. that I had to go through just to setup something that could be done in only 5 minutes; even for the relatively uninitiated!

Sorry if I ranted a bit but over two days messing around with this nonstop is enough to drive anyone insane...

Unless it's Intel's plan to enslave me; so far they're winning. :)

Please excuse my grammar/spelling. I really don't have the time to be writting this post anyway but I thought I'd share in hopes of saving some other poor soul the agony of deploying Intel vPro AMT.

sharath padman's picture

hi,downloaded Intel SCS 8.2. In the tool after creating profile, when tried to export to XML, encrypt the XML file using password is active by default. So i could able to to export to xml only after giving password. So i couldn't able to view the contents in the xml file. Plz help...

Gael Hofemeier (Intel)'s picture

Page 8 (File Encryption) of the Intel Setup and Configuration Software User Guide might be helpful for you.

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