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I downloaded an evaluation

I downloaded an evaluation copy of Fortran, but cannot start the application.  The software asks for a serial number, but this was not included with the download or any of the emails.  How do I use my evaluation software before the one month runs out?!!!

I want to evaluate Intel

I want to evaluate Intel system studio so I downloaded it and installed on my Ubuntu PC. But I didnt get any licence file or key as it needs to be mailed to me as per instructions. Can you help me in this?? I can not use this software and also my evaluation period getting lapsed. :)

We just purchased 2 renewals

We just purchased 2 renewals for FORTRAN Composer XE.

We  are not sure which licences our renewal orders were applied to. It may be that we purchased two renewals for the same licence in error. How can we verify that our renewals have been applied to each of our licences instead of just one?


I have licenses that need to

I have licenses that need to be transferred from one machine to another. The problem here is our company has recently gone through a split and our operation has a new domain name. I need assistance getting our licenses registered under the new domain name. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Kevin R

Due to system upgrade from XP

Due to system upgrade from XP to Windows7 company wide I have to reinstall my IVF studio  XE 2013. This license was purchased a year ago without supprot contract, and I was told to request a copy of my license file through the user forum. Could someone help me with this please? Thanks.

Our University has a 50 user

Our University has a 50 user license server. They are shifting the server to a new machine with a new IP address. I'm completely at loss on what changes I need to make at my end.

While running Change from Programs->Uninstall on Windows, the program just hanged at license servers. After that I'm not able to compile a single line.

I've a single user licence. Even that is not working any more. Something really happened to my setup. How do I salvage the situation ?