Calling all web app developers…we’ve got something for you!

The Intel AppUp℠ developer program is excited to announce a new opportunity for web app developers to transform web apps into Intel AppUp℠ center apps. This opportunity, called Intel AppUp™ encapsulator, allows web app developers to expand their customer base and revenue potential by making an app from their existing web code that is compatible and available for the Intel AppUp℠ center.

How does this work? The Intel AppUp™ encapsulator embeds the web code into a native application wrapper (a hybrid app) and then creates installer packages. The native application wrapper integrates the Intel AppUp™ SDK for store authorization and QT WebKit which provides the HTML5 and Javascript engines that execute and render the web app code. After talking with one of the developers, Andy Idsinga, I got so excited because Andy said that this process is relatively simply and doesn’t require anything special to get the web code to work with the Intel AppUp™ encapsulator. In fact, developers can use their own web APIs, 3rd Party APIs, and even other 3rd party widgets. Essentially, the developer builds the web code just like other web apps utilizing html, css and javascript, images and AJAX.

Keep in mind that the developer will still need to test and debug the app. But the cool part about it is that the developer can run Intel AppUp™ encapsulator many times as the developer chooses in order to get the app to its desired final product. Once done, then the developer submits the final product to the Intel AppUp center. It’s just that simple!

For more information about Intel AppUp™ encapsulator, please read the FAQs for detailed information. If I’ve convinced you, and you’re ready to expand your customer, then launch the tool and get started now!

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I created an installable app

I created an installable app for the Windows using AppUp encapsulator. During the test my web app works fine except for the audio. I embed html5 audio tag with Java script to play the sounds, and provide both .mp3 and .ogg audio files. I am not sure if these formats are supported for the Windows platform (have not tested for the MeeGo) . If not, where I can get the list of audio file formats supported by the encapsulator?

Our software thinks that

Our software thinks that something isn't quite right.

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If the error makes no sense at all, or looks like gibberish, you might be able to find help on our support forum (feel free to copy/paste).
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Thank you again for your support.

@Randal Arnold - the promise

@Randal Arnold - the promise of Html5 is still there - we're embedding qt webkit so we provide a bunch of html5 features through that. (with more to come in the future )
The native wrapper doesnt provide additional performance yet. Currenty just mechanism for us to provide web app devs the ability to package and sell their meego and windows apps on appup.
As we move forward we look at performance opt, html5 features and other apis that may be useful in javascript land :)