Where can I download newer versions of my product?

If you have a support account, log in to the Intel® Registration Center to see the products which you have registered and downloaded.

  1. Login to the Intel® Registration Center by entering your Login ID and Password in the Registered Users Login section of the web page. You will see a list of all products you have subscribed.
  2. From the list of your products displayed, go to the entry for the desired product and click on the version number in the "Download Latest Update" column. 
  3. If you want to see older versions, click on the hyperlink above your product list.  If you want to see download versions available for products associated with your expired product licenses, check the box for "Show Expired Registrations".
  4. For a detailed description of each downloadable product file for your select product version, click on the "File descriptions and product notes" link.
  5. Use the dropdown list to select the Update (Build #) version you want to download, remembering that the highest numbered Version and the highest numbered Update (Build #) for that Version is the most recent release.
  6. After reviewing the description of the files available for the package, click on the hyperlink for each file you wish to download.
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's picture

you really make it difficult for us to fix our system. You have invented a vista x64, in three months I had to re install 15 times because it freezes, the cursor rolls for ever when I'm just trying to open a folder and that is all I do on a system with a core I7 920 quad core with ati radeaon 4870 and 9 gig of ram and I can't even open a folder the computer is thinking and if I touch the folder again all comes white and Ihave to go on the sofa for 15 minutes until it recuperate and now you are inventing fixes that we evaluate because you want to sell them to us, you sell us a system that is not even worth the name of a computer and when you fix it a little you want to make us pay, remember the US and greed well this is robing people, your system is crap and you should be working overtime to deliver free well deserved fixes to us, plus you put a password which it not findable are you nuts??? what is wrong with you guy, shape up please i need these driver to stabilize my system and I have been here for three hours and I could only get three which i'm not even sure they will help. this as a name ABUSE.


Chuck (Intel)'s picture

Jean, this site is for Intel Developer software. If the motherboard you have is an Intel product, then you should go to http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/motherboard/index.htm. Each motherboard has drivers associated with it for certain operating systems. If the motherboard is not an Intel product, you would need to contact that vendor. If the problem is with the "Vista*" Operating system, you may want to contact Microsoft.

dutoitdlarc.agric.za's picture

Hi we bought intel visual fortran compiler 9.1 for windows a while ago, we now want to instal the software, but the file is corrupted, where can I get another file, cant get into myproducts, it takes forever to open. best regards Deon

droli@arbitrage-trading.com's picture

We own licenses for IVF and VKAP (which may be now embedded in IVF?). We have not used these products for some years. We need to reinstall them for some legacy matters.

Where can we download those files/patches etc that are legally permitted under our license(s), including all relevant patches etc, and we assume those will all work with VS2003?

Also, we recall that the FLexM licensing mechanism morphs from time to time, so please be sure provide whatever equivalent we need for that.

jeffwrite's picture

Note to private(public) journal: (5th 5 points)
Have encountered other entries from semi-hostle foriegn writers.
Comments suggest a system using intel boards, but my heart was set on Nvidia boards. Must find Nvidia with intel chipsets.
Oh, Do like the idea of manual selection of updates as I do not want Intel or anyone else to find my multi-billion dollar idea yet. This separate downloading will help in the "isolated computer" approach. Remember higher version number, the better.

 E. Armando Marti's picture

Dear all,

I'm a Mac OS X user, previously I was successfully running my fortran codes in snow leopard OS. But I bought a new computer with the Mountain Lion OS preinstalled. At this point all y probe started. It seems people from mac don't care about users and the made a lot of unnecessary changes, bringing to final users a lot of issues and undesired situations.

I need to know, it is possible at this moment to run fortan 2008 codes in a platform under OS X V. 10.8.2? Im using Xcode V4.5.1. My codes are based on the DFFT from IMKL.

If at his moment that is an impossible task, Is Intel going to release an adequate versions of XE composer for Mountain Lion OS?

Is there some possibility to install an LINUX version in Mac OS?

I will appreciate a lot the kindness of your response as well your attention.

Armando (Puebla, Mexico)

Feilong H (Intel)'s picture

Hi Armando,

Please post your questions in our user forum .