Intel® Active Management Technology: Downloads

Intel® Active Management Technology: Downloads

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) is a set of firmware-resident hardware capabilities that enable network-management applications to perform sophisticated remote functions, even when the target device is powered off or has a corrupted operating system (OS). Because this technology helps to safeguard system administrators' ability to manage systems remotely and minimize costly desk-side visits, Intel AMT represents a substantial advantage to customers. Because the means for customers to implement this technology relies on software implementations, Intel makes a powerful set of tools available to software makers, helping to facilitate the integration of Intel AMT into network-manageability applications.

These are all tools that can be used when experimenting with or writing applications for Intel® AMT. Here are some brief descriptions and when to use them:

Intel AMT Software Development Kit (SDK): Provides the low-level programming capabilities to enable developers to build manageability applications that take full advantage of Intel AMT. Provides sample code and all the Application Programming Interface (APIs) needed for implementing Intel® AMT. Both the Intel AMT RDK and the DTK use the APIs provided in the SDK. Use the most recent release of the SDK to integrate Intel® AMT into your application.

Open Source Manageability Developer Tool Kit (DTK): A set of open source tools for management for computer that support Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) . This package includes many tools and source code for developers interested in building their own application or users who want to learn about Intel AMT. It's internationalized into English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French thanks to community support. The source is compiled using Visual Studio 2010 and all of the tools will run in true 64bit on platforms that support it. When possible, these tools have also been enhanced to make use of the peer-to-peer networking system also available on this site.

Intel vPro Technology Platform Solution Manager: The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager is a framework application that allows you to launch plugin applications (referred to in this guide as "plugins") to remotely manage your Intel vPro technology based PC clients.  Intel® vPro™ PSM comes with several preconfigured plugins, which perform tasks such as power management, KVM Remote Control, and system defense, among others.

Intel AMT High-Level API: The Intel AMT High Level Application Programming Interface (HLAPI) provides software developers with a simple interface to the Intel AMT features.

Intel AMT Setup and Configuration Service (SCS) automates the task of populating Intel AMT platforms with credentials and parameters that enable them to be administered remotely. This provides the developer or ISV with the tools to set up and configure Intel AMT devices. The Setup and Configuration Service (SCS) allows for most aspects of setup and configuration to be completed through a remote management console. It supports end-user environments that implement TLS security and a DHCP network.

Intel® WS-Management Java Client Library: A lightweight WS-Management protocol library designed for software developers who want to quickly and easily support WS-Man but want to avoid the complexity of writing their own Java-based WS-Man client library. The library's original intention was to support Intel® Active Management Technology development, but can be extended to support management of any CIM resource.

Intel® WS-Management Translator for vPro™ Processor Technology: Use the Intel® WS-Management Translator to send WS-Management commands to manage Intel® AMT platforms older than release 3.0, which understands only legacy SOAP-based protocol. The source code for this tool is also available for download.

Intel® vPro Technology Activator Utility is the next generation of the Remote Configuration tool. This is a Windows executable that runs locally on an Intel® Active Management technology(Intel AMT)-enabled platform.

Intel® AMT Open Source Drivers and Tools: Intel® AMT Linux support includes two components that allow interaction between the Intel® AMT FW and the Linux OS: Intel® MEI (Intel® Management Engine Interface) driver and LMS (Local Management Service) driver.

Intel AMT Add-on for Microsoft* SMS 2003: The Intel® AMT Add-on plug-in enables Microsoft* SMS 2003 to discover and manage Intel® VPro™ PCs remotely.

Intel AMT Management Pack for Microsoft OpsMgr and Essentials v3.0: This management pack enables the users of these applications to take advantage of the advanced, hardware-based system management capabilities of Intel® AMT, which are built into PCs with Intel® VPro™ processor technology.

Intel Desktop Boards Executive Series: Intel® Desktop Boards Executive Series are designed to offer new levels of manageability, security, and power-efficient performance while offering support for the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family.

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I have exactly the same problem as Salman. It occurs on my stand alone Dell PC which is not part of a system and the message shows every time on start up. I do not know what you mean by a "system integrator". Is this a common problem? How can it be resolved? Would Dell be the "saystem integrator"?


Kris Sen

I have a problem while restarting windows message says : intel active managment technology ( intel amt) status disabled to enable or disable AMT, contact your authorised system administrator . pl let me know how do i resolve this problem, i have downloaded the drivers from the cd provided by you.


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