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We are Sub-Quantum Businesses

We are Sub-Quantum Businesses. We are focused on increasing productivity using multimedia, content creation, and technology solutions for educational facilities, corporations, and businesses of all kinds. We are currently doing R&D in HCI developing advanced 3D User Interfaces and frameworks for the next generation of applications and systems. We do complete cross-platform development. We are looking for partners to streamline and provide solutions to the industry at large. We thank Intel for providing this ultimate resource and wish them and their partners all the best, and continued success in being the world leader in processor design and manufacturing. I hope to work as hard and consistently improve as they have and am sure will continue to do.

We strongly feel, E numeracy

We strongly feel, E numeracy software is having a great role in elementary education. Child centered Maths learning programmes with special focus on acquisition of basic Numeracy skills among children from 1st standard to 7th standard can be implemented by trained teachers with the help of software, i.e weekly 45 minutes sand-witch class room training programme in their respective schools with the support of Multimedia kit. E Numeracy, Namely Multiplication package (Module one,3DVDS), Division package (Module two,3DVDS) & Addition, Subtraction and Fraction package (Module three,3DVDS), is specially designed computer aided learning tool for 18 months class room training programme in elementary education. Theertha would like to associate with a name like that of yours, for marketing and selling our E-learning application through partner benefits, Such as channel alliance, hardware bundling, starter packs with OEM, co-selling with etc.

Chief Executive Officer

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The Fondo Regional de Garantías as part
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Regional Guarantee Fund do it,
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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

We're looking for Intel Cluster Studio XE (inc mpi, compiler and tools, 2x8 concurrent users) but not sure which sku is correct. Could you pls help recommend the correct package for us? (It's urgent and pls kindly provide the quotation or advise who's the channel partner in Hong Kong?) Pls find below the requirements:

Software Development Environment

- The System shall include C/C++ compiler, Fortran compiler and common script interpreters (including but not limited to UNIX shells, PERL and Python)
- The C/C++ compiler shall adopt ANSI standard. The C/C++ compiler shall also be capable of handling multi-threading and parallelization on the system hardware.
- The Fortran compiler shall be compliant to Fortran 77, 90 and 95 standards. The Fortran compiler shall also be capable of handling multi-threading and parallelization on the system hardware.
- The System shall have a mathematical library callable by C/C++ compiler and Fortran 77, 90 and 95, which is optimized and parallelized for the system hardware. The mathematical library shall include routines for calculating matrix inversion, determinants, and doing fast Fourier transforms.
- The System shall have MPI and OpenMP libraries callable by C/C++ and Fortran 77, 90 and 95, which are optimized and parallelized for the system hardware. The MPI library shall be fully compliant to the MPI-1 (MPI version 1.2) and MPI-2 standards.
- The System shall support mixed language programming (including but not limited to Fortran programs calling C/C++ subroutines and vice versa).
- The System shall be capable of executing a single application over multiple computation nodes on the same cluster by the use of MPI, OpenMP or a combination of MPI and OpenMP.
- The Contractor shall provide an interactive source level debugger that has the following capabilities:
(a) Graphical user interface-based;
(b) Ability to attach debugger to an already-running process over multiple computation nodes;
(c) Ability to set check-points and watch-points on variables; and
(d) Ability to set conditional breakpoints.

- The Contractor shall provide a trace-generating software tool which is capable of visualizing message passing activities within a parallel application.
- The Contractor shall provide a software profiling tool so that users can access to sufficient information to enable quick and effective tuning of applications written in Fortran or C/C++ and executing over multiple nodes. The software profiling tool shall at least provide detailed information about the processor activities, communication with other nodes and I/O usage.

Thank you for your help.

Our Company has developed a

Our Company has developed a Symmetric Key Encryption Standard and has filed for patenting in Indian Patent Office vide application no.0992/KOL/2011 dated. 26.07.2011 at I.P.O Kolkata Entitled as “A SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR USE IN A SYMMETRIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS.” and was published in the Indian Patent Office Journal on 2nd December 2011.It has already filed for patenting in USA against application number 13/557112 dated 24.07.2012 at United States Patent Office (USPTO ).
We have also applied for a Asymmetric-key Cryptographic standard for patenting in Indian Patent Office against application number 446/kol/2012 date 19/04/2012 & it was published on 24/08/2012 at the IPO Journal agents the title “METHOD FOR ESTABLISHING SECURE COMMUNICATION IN A NETWORK AND SYSTEM THEREOF “

Samar Kr Mondal