Problem compiling SDK samples with VS2012

Problem compiling SDK samples with VS2012

When compiling the included samples with Visual Studio 2012 I get a LNK2038 error - compiler version mismatch, MSC_VER is '1700', not '1600'. I assume the libraries are made to work with VS2008/2010, as in the documentation. Is there any workaround for this issue or are you planning to release libraries which are compatible with VS2012?


John S

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Hi John,

Do you have Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010? Right now, The Perceptual Computing SDK only works under Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. We did have plan to release libraries that works under Visual Studio 2012.


Hi David, thanks for your reply. I've installed visual studio 2010 and the samples are working. Do you know of a release date for the libraries, we are working with vs2012 and it's a bit of a pain to switch back and forth between ide's.

Thanks again for the quick reply!

Hi John, as I told you early, we did have such plan. I am sorry I do not have a definitive date right now. We will discuss this internally and I'll update this thread once I do have one. Thanks, David

Hi John,
The problem is most probably in libpxcutils.lib.
Please open sample\common\libpxcutils.sln in Visual Studio 2012 and rebuild it to regenerate libpxcutils.lib in 2012 format. After that try to build sample application.
Does it help?
Thanks, Mikhail

Hi Mikhail,

I don't know what John found but I did what you said and got:

Migration Report - libpxcutils
Project Path Errors Warnings Messages
libpxcutils libpxcutils.vcproj 0 13 2
Solution libpxcutils.sln 0 1 2

and 5 warnings in the build.

I then opened camera_viewer which would previously not build et voila! up and running.

I have moved the samples to a folder under My Documents. Whoever put samples in Program Files should be severely chastised.


I have the same problem. Unfortunately I only have VS2012 Express, which can't be used to convert the project.

You can create your own project files and include anything you might use under sample/common/src for your application.

Thank you for getting back. It works well now.

I did all teh aboev and while I can compile the camera_viewer sol succesfully when running I get the following message (Failed lo locate video stream(s). Do I need the Creative camera for this sample to work? Or will it work with the integrated camera as well?

Yes, you need use Creative camera in order to use Intel PerC SDK. Thanks.

Hi David,

That's not quite true. The Speech synthesis, Speech recognition , Face detection, Landmark detection and probably audio recorder will work without the Creative camera. I just tested the first four with no Creative Camera attached.

I note there is now the opportunity to get the Creative camera FoC - I wish this had been announced before I bought my camera :o(


camera_viewer sample designed to work with depth camera (if no -sdname option).
You can make it working with webcamera if either specify -sdname option or remove the following line from camera_viewer.cpp file and recompile:

capture.SetFilter(cmdl.m_sdname?cmdl.m_sdname:L"DepthSense Device 325");

Thanks Mikhail for the workaround. I can confirm that camera_viewer works under VS2012. As well as face_detection sample.

Hi Nicolae,

I can confirm all Beta 2 samples compile and run in VS2012.

First timers might want to check out another thread I started:


@Mikhail: as you said. with little hack we can use normal camera to capture gesture. But in the given file camera_viewer.cpp i can see -sdname option and there is no line in the code as per your note. kindly let me know how can i use gesture with latest SDK.



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