Perceptual Computing Challenge

At the 2012 Fall Intel(R) Developer Forum,   we announced a new way of computing using natural interfaces, which we named Perceptual Computing. The Beta version of the Perceptual Computing SDK was released which can be downloaded for free.     The current version requires the use of a peripheral camera,  the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera.   But future platforms will integrate the camera into mobile devices like laptops and Ultrabooks.     There's also showcase applications that you can view or download to get a first hand experience.

One common use we anticipate is games and visual computing applications.  But we're encouraging software developer creativity in other areas like productivity and entertainment apps.   To help jumpstart the software ecosystem,  we'll be announcing details of the Intel(R) Percpetual Computing Challenge soon.   There'll be significant cash prizes for the best applications that showcase this new technology.

In the meantime,  download the SDK,  view the demos -- and learn as much as you can.   Post questions on the discussion forum.   This is your chance to join from the ground up and be an early participant.


The Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge. Coming Soon Early Q4 2012!


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The contest can accept files

The contest can accept files larger than 70MB but you should be aware that uploads can go really slow with large file sizes and may fail if the your internet connection is slow. You can select the "Dropbox" option when you press "upload", which should help speed things up if their files are already on Dropbox.

I have one more question :).

I have one more question :). We need to upload a file to submit our application, and it can be the software or the "software package". Just want to make sure : can I upload a zip file ? Is there any size limit (I expect my application to weigh around 70 MB) ?

Thanks again,

On your second question, yes

On your second question, yes you can change your development approach (e.g. languages and tools) in the App Development phase of the challenge if you feel that it will be a better approach.

You can also modify your idea in this phase based on what you have learned over the past few weeks working with the SDK and the camera. However, please do not submit a totally new idea for an app as that was not the one selected by the judges as a finalist for the app development phase.



In short you can use open source libraries, 3d models, programming tools, etc. as long as you have the rights to use it. This includes open source licenses and items that you paid for.

In the contest 2 rules we have the following:

Finalists may use programming aides and tools ("Programming Tools") defined as tools and engines required to write the code and interface with the SDK and creative assets ("Assets") that are used only to enhance the look and feel of the App that he/she has not personally created, with the following caveats: Finalists must have all the necessary rights to use any such Programming Tools and Assets in this contest and terms and conditions or licensing agreements associated with Programming Tools and Assets must allow Finalist to grant all rights set forth in this Official Rules.

+ an other question : for

+ an other question : for some ideas, I can use different technologies to implement my submission (using C++ or Unity 3D), but I am not sure which one yet (I guess I will find out when I will begin to implement). Can I explain it on the question "How you approach development? What coding languages will you use?" ? Or do I need to have a definite choice ? If so, if I discover I was wrong, can I change it during the final phase (If I am a finalist) ? In a general matter, can we change some detail on our ideas when we implement it ?

Thanks again !

Hi again. Thanks for your

Hi again. Thanks for your answer.

I have few questions about intellectual rights:

- Can I use open source libraries ? If so, any license ? Does the BSD licence work ?
- If I want to use Unity 3d, I read on the specs that I need the pro version, but I only have the indie one. Can I use the full free demo (for 30 days) of the pro version of Unity 3d ?
- Can I use proprietary libraries I paid for (such as a plugin I bought in the Unity Store) ?

Thanks !



I just went on the challenge website ( and noticed there were 4 categories and we were able to submit multiple entries. I have some ideas that can enter in 2 and maybe 3 categories : can I make 2/3 entries with the same idea but with different categories ?


Hi Rahul, the survey link is

Hi Rahul, the survey link is not available anymore. We are offering a camera loan for sixty (60) days, for those who are participating in Contest 1 of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. Go to, register for the contest, and start filling out your contest entry form. The submission deadline for Contest 1 is on February 20th, so do it as soon as you can. Good luck!