5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing to Appeal to a Global Audience

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Thanks to technology, your potential audience is now global. If your software is available in international markets, here are five ways you can optimize your marketing plan so that you don’t miss out on growing your gloabl user base:

1 – Select and segment your audience

Many social media platforms allow your message to be translated. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have comprehensive localization features, allowing you to focus specific status updates and posts to the news feeds of the audience segments you’re targeting. These platforms allow you to target by language, geography, or both. This allows you to use one account to target many geographical locations.

Keep your marketing endeavors manageable by using localization features whenever possible and only recreate accounts in different languages when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you run the risk of dividing your audience and creating more web management work for you.

2 – Use local contributors for content

Solicit regional guest bloggers for content containing local insights to the country or area you are targeting. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, finding people who can provide local insights will help in keeping your content fresh, relevant, and targeted to your geographical audience. 

This is particularly important if you are creating accounts or web pages in different languages instead of using localization features for already existing pages.

Hiring local talent is beneficial because: 

  • The contributor/blogger can help you manage foreign interactions. 
  • You can avoid using a translation service or translation software.
  • Your site will gain inbound links from global domains, increasing its SEO status.

3 – Post relevant content for the region

Whether you are posting to your local sites or global ones, you need to know the topics and issues relevant to each of your target markets. What’s important to your Spanish market may not be as relevant to your Canadian market. It’s important to highlight local areas, cultures, and events.

With a global market, you need to remain aware of what is going on around the world and cover topics that are relevant to each specific market, such as product updates, industry news, and thought leadership articles.

4 – Make your communications visually appealing

Images are powerful and seldom need translating. It has been proven many times, especially regarding social media, that images generate more interaction and audience engagement than text alone. An awareness of cultural differences is needed here. A classic example is the hand sign of a “V” which means victory in the United States, but it means something completely different and has an offensive connotation in Great Britain.

Make sure that your images and video feeds are of high quality. Your cover photo, for instance, on Facebook and Google+, should reflect your brand and be appealing to the universal eye. If you find a page, video, or a picture that appeals to you and can somehow benefit your audience, make sure to share it.

5 – Connect all social media channels

The goal of any social media marketing plan is to drive traffic to your business. Since social media lets you market on a global scale, take advantage of the opportunity to make it as easy as possible for people around the world to find your product or service. Wherever you post, be sure to link back to appropriate websites, blogs, and other online pages. Include relevant links in your business profile and your website’s About Us pages.

Optimizing your global marketing appeal comes down to making sure that the right information is reaching the right market in the correct language.

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