Earlham College Hackathon '13

Earlham College


We are very excited to announce the first at Earlham College sponsored by Intel Hackathon Event that is going to happen this spring. The Earlham College Hackathon problem statement is “Use technology and power of visualization and geocoding to show long term climate trends”. We are looking forward for the participants to explore the topic through the usage of HTML5 and the power of visualisations. This event is going to start on the 27th of April at 1pm and will last for 24 hours straight. The event is opened for students from a variety of disciplines as well as students from other Institutions.

We thank EC student Leif DeJong for the EC Hackathon Logo that addresses the climate change themeology of the event. The EC Hackathon will focus on developing a mechanism that will allow to effectively visualize the changes in climate trends throughout the world.

Today is April, 12th, meaning that there are only 2 weeks left for this magnificant event! We woud like to express warm welcomes to the students who signed up to participate! There are 19 people as of today! We would like to share special greetings to the registered for Hackathon students from Miami University - Oxford, and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis! We are so excited to see the students from different school to collaborate and Code for Good together!

So, how is it going to happen?

 There will be a Climate Change domain expert invited by Intel, who will open up the event by lecturing on the subject matter. This should help the participants with the approach to the task. Then Brad Hill, Intel's HTML5 expert, will present on HTML5 to provide the participants with some technical knowledge. And then ... it is all up to the participants to bring their brilliant minds together and produce an epic mechanism for climate trends visualisation! :) There is no pressure, no standard classroom environment - We will have tons of entertainment and refreshments in the room to create friendly and fun atmosphere. We will have a celebration dinner as our closure event to mark down everybody's contribution!

Please, don't hesitate to reach us at  “hackathon@cs.earlham.edu” if you would like to register or if you have any questions at all about the logistics!

Here we are! 1 hour and 35 minutes as EC Hackathon started. We have 4 teams of very enthusiastic, diverse and engaged participants. Over 24-hours period they will try to produce the application capable of visualizing weather trends data. There is a lot to think about: most efficient way of visualizing, how and where to store data, how to handle data requests, what application model to choose, and so much more. This is exciting to see what decision the teams will make and what they will be able to achieve in a couple of hours.



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