Sparse Linear Algebra Functions in Intel® Math Kernel Library

Sparse Linear Algebra Functions in Intel® Math Kernel Library

Sparse matrix algorithms are encountered in a broad range of important scientific computing applications. Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) offers a powerful set of functions that can be used to build a complete solution to many sparse linear systems. This webinar gives an overview on Intel MKL’s sparse linear algebra component. Highlights include Sparse BLAS functions, Direct solvers for sparse linear systems, Iterative solvers and Eigensolvers for sparse matrices based on the FEAST algorithm.

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It has been a while since

It has been a while since @Wadud M asked this question, but let me clarify for the benefit of others who might have the same question. The sparse linear solvers in Intel MKL library are multithreaded only. There is no direct MPI support. However, libraries like PETSc and Trilinos that do provide MPI support for sparse linear solvers, can be configured to use the Intel MKL library on a per node basis. This way the (multithreaded, single node) optimizations available in Intel MKL library can be used by MPI applications too.