Intel® Developer Zone:

Communities are sections of the Intel® Developer Zone resourced with Community Managers to support and sustain ongoing and more responsive two-way communication around key developer focus areas. These communities encourage knowledge sharing between developers and Intel through blog posts, forum discussions, and technical articles.

Our Communities

Bob Duffy

Find the articles, tools and support that you need to make sure your app is ready to run on Windows. Your community manager is Bob Duffy.
Technical Articles

Josh Bancroft

Android* Developers
Check out technical articles, forums, and tools to ensure that your apps perform their best on smartphones and tablets based on Intel® Architecture. Your community manager is Josh Bancroft.
Technical Articles

Kathy Farrel

Server Developers
Optimize your software for data center, cloud, and high performance computing through technical articles, forums, and tools. Learn about the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor. Your community manager is Kathy Farrel.

Technical Articles

Paul Steinberg
Business Client
Harness the power of Intel® vPro™ platform features, enabling your software for Intel's premier business-class PCs. Your community manager is Paul Steinberg.
Technical Articles

Software Business Network
Read what your peers and the Intel team are saying about the business and technology of developing software that engages students and empowers educators to use technology effectively

Academic Resources
The Intel Academic Community supports innovation by providing professors and students with access to resources to take advantage of next-generation technologies.

Intel® ISA Extensions
The need for greater computing performance continues to grow across industry segments. To support rising demand and evolving usage models, we continue our history of innovation with the Intel Instruction Set Architecture Extensions (Intel ISA Extensions).

Intel® Cluster Ready
Intel Cluster Ready is an architecture and a program that makes it easier to gain the performance advantages of HPC clusters.

Wind River and Intel tools to build intelligent embedded systems.

Create high-performance software solutions that unlock the power of today's and tomorrow's technology.

Financial Services
Gives you insight into the latest performance enhancing technologies, partnerships, news and events and how they are combining to drive innovation in this marketplace.

Open Source
For over two decades, Intel’s contributions to open-source projects—from one end of the solution stack to the other—have helped ensure that a breadth of solutions run exceptionally well on Intel® architecture.

The premier community for Parallel Programming and Intel® Multi-core Technology.

Platform Monitoring
Here you will find information covering performance monitoring and software tuning, and platform monitoring topics.

Power Efficiency
Tools and resources to reduce your software's power consumption.

Learn how to build security in from the start.

Small Business
Develop innovative software solutions for Small Business that take advantage of the latest technology.

Intel UEFI Community
Your gateway for developing Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware, drivers, and applications for use on Intel® architecture platforms. The UEFI Specification defines an interface between an operating system and platform firmware.

Resources for understanding, discovering uses for, enabling and identifying opportunities for your virtualization solutions.

Visual Computing Source
This is your Source for visual computing developer information.

Intel® vPro™ Developers
Best Platform for Business: Embedded Security with Smart Performance and Manageability.

What If Experimental Software
What if you could experiment with Intel's advanced research and technology implementations that are still under development? And then see your feedback addressed in a future product?