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Perceptual Computing Challenge, phase 2

The first phase of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge has now completed with amazing success and stunning apps leveraging the new Perceptual Computing Technology. Sign up at the contest site to be in the communication loop for details of phase 2 of this contest with $800K + in prizes. Coming soon!

Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 (AIC 2013)

The Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 has officially launched. AIC 2013 is a 20 country, multi-language (English, Chinese, Russian) developer focused competition whose goal is to generate innovative Windows* 8 Desktop demo apps optimized for Lenovo* All-in-One and Tablet devices. The contest targets consumer and business segments within the six app categories of Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Healthcare, and Retail. The competition begins with an idea submission phase (July 24-Sept 4), converges towards a coding phase (Sept 12-Oct 30) and concludes (Dec 18) with the announcement of the winners in nine categories. Enter today to be one of 500 finalists to be selected for an AIO or Tablet development system and be on your way to possibly winning a portion of the $100K in cash prizes!

Upcoming Contests

Current Contests

Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 1 Selected *Grand Prize Winners

We challenged developers to create innovative application prototypes using natural human interfaces such as gestures, voice, and facial tracking. Using the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK and the Creative Interactive Gesture Camera Kit, they used their imagination and technical skill to show us the possibilities for the next frontier of human – computer interaction.

  • Matthew Hoban (United Kingdom) – MYSTIC BLOCKS
  • Lin Yunfan (China) – JOY Gesture Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer
  • Matthew Pilz (United States) – MAGIC DOODLE PAD

See all the winners* at

* Winners subject to change, until such time as they have meet all eligibility requirements including the acceptance of prize terms and the signing of legal and publicity release forms.

App Innovation Contest

The App Innovation Contest was hosted by the CodeProject and sponsored by Intel® Software to encourage developers to create innovative apps with new user experiences and usage models. Apps were created for the new touch and sensor Ultrabook™ running the Microsoft Windows* 8 operating system.

Grand Prize Winner

Florian Rappl

Sumerics is a numerical tool for plotting, performing numerical calculations and doing experiments with sensors in the new Ultrabook™. Advanced high school students as well as university students will benefit from the rich numerical possibilities, such as calculating with matrices or complex numbers. The tool can be used by scientists to analyze data with in-built statistic functions or plot them. The user-interface has been designed to be as touch friendly as possible. With this app, students can easily be creative in building experiments, which involve their Ultrabooks. Finally Sumerics can not only be used to do the experiments, but also to evaluate them.

Category Winners

Florian Rappl

Dave Auld

Matthew Pilz

NeuroControl BlinkTalk 
Bryan Brown

Nirmit Kavaiya

Zubair Lawrence 

Total Innovation 
World Time Clock 
Alan Anderson

Ultrabook™ Experience Software Contest  (EMEA)

Intel provided the resources, examples and samples, and our nominees allowed their imaginations and coding skills to run riot in bringing to life a host of varying ideas that exploit the new speech-, touch- and gesture-sensitive capabilities of Ultrabook™ devices.

A specially selected Intel judging panel spent the first week of November deliberating over and testing the new designs and are delighted to announce that the following 3 winners demonstrated unparalleled skill and inventiveness in their Windows* software designs.

  1. "NUIA Imagine" - Silke Oberle (4tiitoo AG)
  2. "Day by Day" - Ercan Erciyes
  3. "Live Ball" - Ivan Petrovic (Finalhit Ltd.)

Ultimate Coder Winner - Sagar Wins with Shufflr

The Ultimate Challenge. Six developers competed for six weeks to create apps that took full advantage of the performance advances, graphic excellence, touch and sensor technologies of the latest Ultrabook™ computers. They leveraged the technology and rocked their code to develop a new app, or ported an existing one to next generation Ultrabooks.

Sagar - Shufflr: After 6 weeks of competition, Sagar and their app Shufflr came out on top. The Althea team was aggressive with high hopes of adding new features. But each week they hit roadblocks, and none of us were certain exactly where they landed. However when it came to testing the app, it's apparent Althea has high standards. The judges were very impressed with the app experience, giving Shufflr the highest points for quality.

Shufflr is a new phenomenon at the cusp of online video, social graphs and discovery. Users from over 160 countries get their daily fix of videos on Shufflr. It is a great way to find, watch and share videos on the web, on any personal screen. The Ultrabook with touchscreen uses the tilt sensors to shuffle backwards and forwards between videos.