Intel® Context Sensing SDK

Create Compelling Cross-Platform Context-Aware Experiences

  • Developer tool to build the context of any action or event to understand user preferences and anticipate behavior
  • Access algorithms that simplify sensor understanding

Innovate with Intel® Context Sensing SDK

Intel® Context Sensing SDK is a library available for Android* and Windows* that helps you easily incorporate context-aware capabilities and services in your applications. The SDK is flexible, offering several methods to use the services, either independently or in combination. The SDK includes Context APIs, which are useful to create context-aware applications by taking advantage of many built-in context type providers. The Intel Context Sensing SDK includes a rules engine that enables you to create rules based on the context and trigger actions once the conditions are satisfied. To access Context APIs in an HTML5/JavaScript* app, use the Cordova* plugin Context Sensing for Android.

Technical Specifications

Required OS

For Android* SDK: Android* 2.2 or higher, with an x86 or ARM* CPU

For Windows* SDK: Microsoft Windows® 10, 32 bit and 64 bit

Supported Languages

Java*, C#, JavaScript*


For Android* SDK: Eclipse*, Android Studio*, Intel® XDK

For Windows* SDK: Microsoft Visual Studio*