Threading Games for Performance Workshop Using Destroy the Castle Demo

This mid-level workshop takes a sample game, Destroy the Castle, from serial to parallel over the course of one day. Strategies are considered for optimal threading of components such as physics, AI, and rendering. Tools are employed to identify workload hotspots, profile threading performance, and trap threading errors such as race conditions. Ample time is dedicated to lab exercises.

Course Objective :

  • Thread game applications using an systematic approach
  • Use the appropriate tools for analysis, profiling and thread correctness
  • Improve application performance of game application on Intel Multi-Core Architecture
  • Optimize threaded algorithms for execution on an increasing number of cores

Course Agenda :

  • Multi-threading in Games : case studies
  • Introduction to Destroy the Castle, a demonstration game
  • Functional decomposition: performance, correctness, and scalability
  • Data decomposition
  • Additional threading considerations
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