Destroy The Castle - OpenMP*

This version of Destroy the Castle was created to show how to parallel such a game application using OpenMP* Tasks. The project is built using Intel® Parallel Studio Composer compiler.

There are three activities to follow to complete the parallelization. The first activity places an omp parallel & single region in WinMain. The second activity places omp task & omp taskwait clauses at appropriate points to allow the Physics, AI, & Particles to be computed in parallel. The third activity replaces one of the omp taskwaits in OnFrameMove with a block of WaitForSingleObject calls that wait on signals to indicate completion of various tasks.

The demo is a modification of the original demo created by Intel Engineers: Scott Crabtree, Jonathan Story, Spencer Boomhower, Eric Reinhart, Leigh Davies. The OpenPM parallelization method was completed by Bob Chesebrough

There are downloads available under the Creative Commons License license. Download Now

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