Lab: Linux Red Hat Embedded OS Kernel for Intel Atom Platform (Embedded Platform Workshop at China Zhejiang Univ.)

This material is developed for the pioneer workshop held at China Zhejiang University for professors from China's top 26 universities as a part of embedded platform curriculum development initiative, which is to support embedded platform curriculum updates and lab resource development in China.

This lab manual covers 10 practical labs on Intel Atom platform with Redhat Linux Embedded OS kernel 2.4:
Lab 1: Process Build under Linux
Lab 2: Multi-processes communication under Linux
Lab 3: Thread Build under Linux
Lab 4: Multi-threads communication under Linux
Lab 5: Linux network programming: TCP
Lab 6: Linux network programming : UDP
Lab 7: Linux GUI programming : QT installation
Lab 8: Linux GUI programming: QT Command Line programming
Lab 9: Linux GUI programming: Designer programming
Lab 10: Linux Device Driver programming

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