Brooklyn Technical High School Multi-core Bootcamp (July 21-23, 2009)

Bob Chesebrough, Senior Course Architect with the Intel Academic Community built a collaborative team, with Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, and Randy Asher, Principal of the Brooklyn Technical High School and Vice President of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Math, Science & Technology to implement the clubhouse with top technical high school students in New York.
The 3-day boot-camp kicks off with interactive exercises using real world experiences (such as standing in lines at a store) to introduce students to parallel programming concepts including race conditions and for loops (see video guide to these challenges). Each day, students will also be given a Parallel Programming Puzzle to ponder, and discuss a real-world software developer solution the following day.

Instruction for the boot camp is being provided by Intel engineers and executives, using the latest software development tools, including Intel® Parallel Studio; and concludes with Jeffrey M. Birnbaum presenting on advanced lock-free programming techniques showcasing database applications running on a 32-core server system on loan from IBM, with high-performance Ethernet connectivity provided by BLADE Network Technologies. BLADE is hosting the servers in its world-class data center networking lab in Silicon Valley.

The curriculum is adapted from undergraduate and graduate materials created by the Intel Academic Community currently being implemented by professors at 1350 universities in 72 countries. This is the first time the curriculum has been adapted to the high school level.

Recognizing Potential Parallelism
Understanding the Shared-Memory Model and Threads
Confronting Race Conditions
Dependence Graphs

Labs and exercises:
Thinking Parallel Workbook
OpenMP Workbook
Threading For Performance with TBB Lab
Correcting Threading Errors with Intel® Parallel Inspector Lab
Tuning Threaded Code with Intel® Parallel Amplifier Lab
Game Threading Methodology Lab

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