Introduction to Parallel Programming video lecture series – Part 05 “OpenMP for Domain Decomposition”

The lecture given here is the fifth part in the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” video series. This part gives an introduction to the OpenMP library for parallel programming, shows how to identify loops whose iterations can be executed in parallel, and how OpenMP pragmas can be added to execute loop iterations in parallel. OpenMP clauses to define private copies of variables and to define reduction operations on selected variables within parallel loops are also covered. A small code example to compute an approximation to the value of pi (3.1415926…) using numerical integration is included to illustrate a domain decomposition parallel solution using OpenMP.

Two programming labs (Matrix multiplication and Prime finder) with instructions and source files are separately available for practice of information and ideas presented within the lecture video.

Running time: 23:26.

Note: The material presented in this lecture series has been taken from the Intel Software College multi-day seminar, “Introduction to Parallel Programming”, authored by Michael J. Quinn (Seattle University). The content has been reorganized and updated for the lectures in this series.

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