Threaded Programming Methodology with Parallel Studio

In this 3 hour module, participants will learn the evolution of parallel processing architectures. After completing this module, a student should be able to describe how threading architectures relates to software development, to rapidly estimate the effort required to thread time consuming regions and to prototype the solution.

Topics covered include:

  • Processor and platform support for multithreaded applications
  • Four-step threading methodology
  • Analyze – find code locations for threading
  • Design – develop and implement code to thread
  • Test for Correctness – ensure threading has not introduced errors
  • Tune for Performance – find performance bottlenecks

This course module walks through the process of migrating a serial program to a parallel (threaded) one, using the OpenMP model, and the Intel Parallel Studio suite of tools. It can stand alone, be used as the sole threading session in a more general course, or as part of an overall threading course. There are 9 lab activities in the sequence transforming a single test case application from serial to a parallel equivalent. Total time, with labs, will take about 3 hours.

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