CSE Senior Capstone Projects (ASU)

The team will work together to build a robot for security patrolling using an Intel-based computer, control logic, sensors (webcam, sound sensor, movement sensor) and actuators (motors and servos). The main task of the project is to write programs to control the robot based on the sensor inputs and based on the instructions from a remote control center. The approach is to focus on the application logic based on the existing services/components that handle various devices. A set of services/components written in Java will be given as the starting point. The project also involves certain amount of mechanic work to make a moving robot. The hardware used in the project will be sponsored by Intel. The basic robot created will participate in the Intel Robotics Challenge, as an independent team, planned to take place on April 4,2008. The second semester, a full functional robot will be developed to take the full challenge of the competition.

There are downloads available under the Creative Commons License license. Download
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