Robotics Starter Kit Using Intel® Architecture (ASU, Intel)

Global demographic trends are driving the need for more automation and further productivity improvements, as the world’s population ages, becoming more infirmed. Following Moore’s Law, the level of computing performance available to the everyday user has increased at an exponential rate. In addition, other components critical to making robotics a reality have become capable of increased performance, while coming down in price, power consumption and size. This technological “virtuous cycle” has created the conditions for the birth of a new industry of professional and personal robots. Because we are in the anteroom of these amazing possibilities, barriers to their adoption exist. Most existing robots of the type that we see doing everything from household cleaning to patrolling in the battlefields have many custom components. Although robotics has also received a great deal of attention in the academic environment and research labs, regular students — from college level to high school — and budding entrepreneurs are limited in the type of robotics development they can achieve. This is due mainly to the difficulty of integrating all the mechanical and electrical components.

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