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High Performance Computing (Parallel Programming)

Everything you need to know about parallel computing – from the basics to hybrid and power optimization.

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University of Oregon Parallel Computing 10-week Course

The Intel Parallel Computing Center at the University of Oregon has offers lectures and labs in a condensed 10-week Parallel Computing Course.

High Performance Computing Two-Year Curriculum

Author: Paul Guermonprez and team

Following is a complete curriculum package including courseware, labs, and videos for high performance computing (HPC), also known as parallel programming. This curriculum is designed as a two-year program:

  Year One:    Introduction
            In Depth

  Year Two:    HPC, Hybrid, and Power Optimization (Master’s Level)
            Enterprise Systems (Cloud) (Master’s Level)

Overview ( ODP - PDF )


In Depth

HPC, hybrid and power optimization

Enterprise Systems (Cloud)

  • Elements of cloud programming in Java (See
  • Elements of cloud system administration ... coming soon

Parallel Programming in Windows | Beginner

The following course and video series is designed for Windows*/Visual Studio* developers:

( PPT - PDF ) ( LABS VisualStudio )

Featured Course: Intro to Parallel Programming

Module 1:
Why Parallel, Why Now

Module 2:
Problem Decompositions

Module 3:
Finding Parallelism

Module 4:
Shared Memory Considerations

Module 5:
OpenMP for Domain Decomposition

Module 6:
Confronting Race Conditions

Module 7:

Module 8:
OpenMP for Task Decomposition

Module 9:
Implementing Task Decomposition

Module 10:
Predicting Parallel Performance

Module 11:
Improving Parallel Performance

Module 12:
Reducing Parallel Overhead

Accompanying Lab Files


The Intel® Software Academic Program is pleased to offer a renewable one year license to Intel® Parallel Studio XE (Bundle of Cluster Edition and Professionals Edition), industry-leading C, C++ and Fortran compilers; performance and parallel libraries; error checking, performance profiling and cluster analyzers. Request your classroom copy of Intel® Parallel Studio XE ›